Personal Finance Roundup

Six Ways to Make the Most of Your Job [Kiplinger] “With the right moves, even a menial job could be a springboard to the position of your dreams.”

20 easy gifts — that aren’t gift cards [MSN Money] “Want something as simple as plastic cash but a little more personal? Here are ideas in price ranges that start at about $10. Many don’t even need to be wrapped.”

This Holiday Season, It’s Easy Being Green [Yahoo Finance] “This holiday season, start green traditions with your family and friends — traditions in which lavish gifts, mountains of wrapping paper, and big post-holiday bills are out, and recycled decorations, gifts from the heart, and money in the bank are in.”

Don’t let identity-swiping grinches steal your Christmas [USA Today] “The high-stress holiday shopping season creates lots of opportunities for crooks to steal personal information. Here’s how to avoid becoming a statistic.”

Don’t Know What to Get The Boss? You’re Not Alone [Career Journal] “Let’s face it: choosing an appropriate work gift can be challenging. The trick, of course, is to pick a present that strikes the proper balance between professional and personal.”

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  1. Greeper says:

    You should never buy your boss a gift, period.

  2. protest says:


  3. DrGirlfriend says:

    @Greeper: I agree.

  4. agb says:

    I agree with DRGIRLFRIEND and GREEPER, but not PROTEST.

  5. kc2idf says:

    @agb: Well I don’t agree with you.

  6. @kc2idf: I agree with agb AND Protest!

    I win!