A Comcast rep called “absolutely ridiculous” the rumor that they might have disrupted a Good Morning America broadcast featuring a Comcast-office-smashing-with-hammer-customer. [Comcast Must Die]


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  1. They also say they aren’t interfering with BitTorrent traffic. Take a guess as to just how much their credibility is on the subject of coincidentally blacking out certain areas is with me.

  2. mopar_man says:

    So I guess it was an “accidental” glitch?

  3. swalve says:

    If Comcast had a cabal of censorship goons waiting for bad Comcast news, why did it only happen in some locations?

  4. bostonmike says:

    @swalve: Because they’re as bad at censorship as they are at billing, installations, customer service, signal maintenance, traffic routing, and everything else.