Which Is Better: "Store Cards" Or Store Branded Visas?

It has now become common for store to offer, in addition to their regular store-brand credit card, a co-branded Visa, Amex or Mastercard.

But which should you chose? Bankrate breaks it down:

Private label:

Easier to qualify.
One high APR for all.
Low credit limit.
Use only in one store.
Rewards for shopping in store.

Co-branded cards:

APR depends on credit rating.
Variable APR, lower than private label.
Credit limit depends on rating.
Use anywhere.
Rewards for shopping anywhere.

Generally speaking the co-branded cards are a better deal, but some people prefer the store cards because they have low limits and are easier to get. We’ve never felt the need for a branded credit card aside from the occasional no interest deal (that we paid off within the interest free period.) Do you find that the deals are worth it?

Target card or Target Visa? Which is better? [Bankrate]
(Photo:Jeremy Brooks)

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