Warner Music profits down 58%. Discuss. [NYT]


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  1. HeyThereKiller says:

    looks like they’ll have to make some cutbacks… might i suggest funding to the RIAA

  2. new and troubling questions says:

    is it wrong that i kind of feel a sick glee after hearing this?

  3. Boberto says:

    Haven’t bought any recorded music since the lawsuit melee’ began.

    There will be no RIAA member who gets a dime of my money, EVER!

  4. Nicholai says:


  5. allirob says:

    This is what happens when you are an asshole to your customers. Maybe some of these other record companies will take note and try to find a way to appease the masses. It would not hurt to put out some quality music too…if I hear one more Nickelback song and I am going to puke on someone’s shoes!

  6. mattshu says:

    They can thank iTunes that profits aren’t down 75%.

    They won’t.

  7. The_Truth says:

    Soon as they started suing I stopped buying.

  8. ryangoff says:

    Supply and demand, right? If we demand that they don’t act like wack-jobs, and they don’t supply it … well, that’s how your company eviscerates itself to bits.

  9. well, if the situation at Universal is any indication of how things are run at Warner, then I can’t say I’m surprised

  10. InsaneNewman says:

    @ryangoff: No, it’s obviously because filesharing’s up 58%. There can’t be any other reason right?

  11. b612markt says:

    Madonna’s departure can only hasten their demise.

  12. G-Dog says:

    I have free podcasts. I don’t listen to music anymore, pirated or legal.

  13. alfista says:

    Maybe they’re paying the musicians too much…or their lawyers…

  14. InThrees says:

    I haven’t even felt motivated to illegally download music in recent memory… sure as hell not going to pay for it if I’m not even tempted to steal it.

    That, and the delivery mechanism for paid-for music is just retarded. Wise up Big Music – I *would* pay for quality non-DRM audio files like I can get via sharing if it was… you know, any good to begin with.

  15. Mr. Gunn says:

    mattshu: Well, they could also thank Amazon, where you can get DRM-free mp3s. Pepsi moved their billion mp3s promotion to Amazon.

  16. Cowboys_fan says:

    Aww, poor Warner! I haven’t purchased a cd in over 10 years(maybe as a gift) and not because I pirate music(though I do) but b/c music sucks so so bad these days. These companies invest little money in talent recruiting so the best music never goes big and we get stuck with Britney. I refuse to buy music again until they start releasing good music. (By good, I mean it takes at least a minimal level of talent to produce)

  17. Slothrob says:

    Why is it that everyone always complains about how bad new music is? There are a million amazing albums out there, but people act like they’re not worth buying because they came ten years ago. The record compainies failings are based on their business models, not the quality of available music.

  18. S-the-K says:

    They can make it up by suing more grandmothers and teenagers, more widows and orphans, and Tiny Tim too.

    Personally, CDs cost way too much. I buy used CDs. I’ll buy new if it’s on sale for what I would pay for used.