Total Number Of Products Recalled For Lead In 2007 Reaches 16.2 Million

While Aquadots grabbed all the news this month, 1,391,800 products were recalled for lead contamination. Most of them were cheap toy jewelry, cars, and action figures. The sort of stuff you see at “dollar stores.”

These recalls don’t grab the headlines like the Mattel and Thomas & Friends toys do, but aren’t the children playing with them just as susceptible to lead poisoning?

Among the recalled products were pencil pouches that were distributed in schools and a bracelet used in school fund raisers.

Lots of jewelry was recalled, including sets sold at Limited Too, Big Lots, Family Dollar, and Michaels.

There were also lead tainted paint brushes, lead tainted sunglasses, and lead tainted Curious George dolls.

In all, November’s recalls have pushed the total number of products recalled for lead contamination in 2007 to 16,203,350.

Once again we remind you not to buy cheap jewelry for your kid. It’s leadtastic!

November Recalls [CPSC]


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  1. I hate the whole Dollar store phenomenom. I’ve been to a few, and frankly, the stuff isn’t that cheap. The packages are smaller than normal sizes, the stuff is seconds or just plain poorly made, and because everything is “so cheap”, shoppers are seduced into buying more.


  2. Freedomboy says:

    All part of the race to the bottom. Need stuff? Sure do. Got much money? Nope. Still want stuff? Sure do. Buy this crap and feel like you got a lot for a little bit. Kids need a nice toy? Sure. Got Nice Toy Money? Nope. Buy this crappy thing, that LOOKS like the real deal, but will be broken before the trash is collected containing the wrapper.

    Serious now, I care a lot less about the lead, since you need to eat the coating or paint to get the lead into the system and it takes time to cause death, cold I know but follow me here….Does anyone DOUBT the imported FOOD we get from, not just China, but all the race to the bottom vendor class of exporters is made with poorly sourced sub-ingredients? Try looking a about CHINA RAISING ST. BERNARD DOGS FOR FOOD and then ponder this……why would they NOT use that in a portion of the food they export? Millions of pounds of food, save a nickle on the list of components per oz. costing by having cheap dog meat in there? Why not??

    Do we inspect? Sure. Do we inspect the ingredient chain? Nope.

    Snopes says the meat is tasty too.

    Race to the bottom will get us right to the bottom alright.

  3. says:

    wow, freedom boy -st. bernards?! this would be another reason why i’m a veg. I totally agree with you on the race to the bottom.

    I just can’t believe more people aren’t outraged that we’re exposing kids to all this lead (by they way skin contact can lead to lead poisoning). I say we should ban put a ban on it.

  4. Freedomboy says:

    They ae breeding them to skin and eat. I kid you not, surprising to nobody aware of the culture but a great chance to turn our thought away from the race to the bottom of the kennel or barrel.

    Doggie McNuggets anyone?

  5. burgundyyears says:

    @Freedomboy: So? Some people in other parts of the world think using cows or pigs for food is abhorrent too. Certainly doesn’t give me pause.

    Different cultures view certain animals quite differently.

  6. alice_bunnie says:

    16.2 million sure seems like a big number!!! So, let’s count each individual toy, not just a label or type. Well, if we count the individual beads of aquadots in each box, them maybe we can make the number seem even bigger! Then it will seem like an even huger problem.

  7. Freedomboy says:

    Some people in other parts of the world think using cows or pigs for food is abhorrent too. Certainly doesn’t give me pause.
    Different cultures view certain animals quite differently

    Then I am just super sure when the dog is in the wienie they’ll jump up to tell us right? Like the lead?

    Idiot, it is the lies! not the damn dog.