NBC Cuts A Deal With Netflix

NBC has but a deal with Netflix that will let its users stream episodes of “Heroes” the day after they air. The deal will also provide access to past seasons of NBC shows, says a Netflix press release.

In addition, Netflix also offers prior season episodes of other popular NBC series including “30 Rock,” “Friday Night Lights” and “The Office.” For these shows, Netflix subscribers will have the option of enjoying them on DVD or watching them instantly on their PCs at Netflix.com.

“We are pleased to expand our relationship with NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution and be part of their innovative distribution strategy,” said Robert Kyncl, Vice President of Content Acquisition for Netflix. “We have a shared interest in granting fans expanded access to and strengthening the network’s key franchises.”

“We are excited to establish Netflix as a part of our off-network syndication strategy for ‘Heroes’, ” said Frances Manfredi, Executive Vice President & General Sales Manager, NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution. “This deal reflects the changing landscape of the entertainment marketplace and our objective of finding new buyers that complement our traditional customers.”

Does TV even require a TV anymore? It just seems a shame that NBC can’t decide how it would like to offer its programming to the public via the internet. Between NBC Direct, Hulu, Amazon, and now Netflix, it’s getting a little bit out of control.



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  1. Maurs says:

    Oh man, I can’t wait to stream the next episode of Heroes! Then again, it might not be very entertaining without anyone to write it.

  2. socalrob of the 24 and a half century says:

    So TV is getting the hint that people want to watch shows when they want and not when the network says they should want to, and begin to offer multiple ways to get content. But in doing so they piss off their writers who refuse to make new content for them to sell.

    Where as music doesn’t get the hint that people want something other than to go to a store and buy a whole CD of crap for 1 good song, only allows a select group of people to sell their wares but under their terms and still force what they want people to buy, and piss off their customers and are starting to piss off their employees.

    This is getting interesting… popcorn anyone?

  3. parliboy says:

    Too late, I’m afraid. As of two weeks ago, bittorrent + RSS means I’m already getting Heroes the day after it airs, in HD. It comes to me just as fast as NBC offers it, in higher quality.

    Heck, I’m about ready to turn in my PVR.

  4. theblackdog says:

    Considering that my usual bittorrent site where I was getting Heroes and Bionic Woman just went down, this would be helpful in the meantime.

  5. freshyill says:

    With TVShows ([tvshows.sourceforge.net]), my favorite shows usually start downloading an hour or so after they air. Checkmate!

  6. parliboy says:

    I use the same rss site that program uses, though certainly not with such an elegant software solution. I’m gonna have to try that. Thanks!

  7. mysterious1der says:

    As an avid (6 at a time) Netflixaholic and a massive Heroes fan, I think that Netflix streaming gets new Heroes episodes 48, not 24, hours later.

    Monday-TV -> Tuesday-NBC.com -> Wednesday-Netflix streaming

    Maybe they don’t want the online services to fight? That and Netflix’s service makes NBC.com look retarded.

  8. LTS! says:

    Well, consider that if you really want to stream the show it probably isn’t a big deal that it’s posted a day or two later.

    If the networks all took the cue from ABC things would be much nicer. All ABC has to do is iron out the bugs in their system and increase offerings and boom, no need for a DVR from them. Fox is close behind. The Move Media player is very impressive.

    CBS and NBC have a lot to learn. But they all need to get live streaming down.. then it’s bye bye cable/satellite.

  9. tubby says:

    strange they announce this now…i noticed this when browsing netflix weeks ago

  10. littleredcorvette says:

    Great deal for Windows users who still use Internet Explorer. Not such great news for us losers using Firefox and/or Macs. At least the networks’ websites let any user watch. But Netflix can’t seem to make a viewer compatible with any other system besides Microsoft’s?

    *bitter about not being able to watch Netflix Watch-It-Now movies*

  11. s35flyer says:

    oh boy, streaming heros! would somebody, some company somewhere please impress me, please.

  12. notallcompaniesarebad says:

    After hooking up my new TV to my computer a few weeks ago, the first thing I did was use the instant-view feature of netflix to watch a few of the first season’s The Office episodes. The whole experience was rather impressive. It wasn’t DVD quality and I wouldn’t watch a visually-intense movie that way, but for sitcoms, it worked like a charm. One more reason I don’t have cable.

  13. notallcompaniesarebad says:

    @freshyill: Wait until you get a call from an RIAA lawyer. That won’t be fun

  14. MMD says:

    This might be good – but I wouldn’t know, because Netflix refuses to make their streaming services available for Mac users.

  15. bobblack says:

    Sorry to see that they wont allow access to the instant viewing option via Macs (as always).

    I’m a big Heroes fan, but I usually dont catch it on Monday nights due to scheduling so I have to go to NBC’s website to watch.

    If Netflix takes over, they’ll be losing a viewer. I’m not going to wait for a DVD to arrive.

  16. miran says:

    I don’t like the ABC site for one reason – no remote control usage. Lazy I know. I have used it and I’ve saved the link for the parentals (and demonstrated for Mom – She was impressed). But I’m used to using my FrontRow on my 24″ Imac. TVShows get the torrents, Transmission downloads, hazel sorts into folder by file name, and Front Row plays, hazel deletes after a couple of weeks. I touch nothing but a remote. I’d love a plugin for Front Row for the ABC site.
    I’m hoping NetFlix might get a Mac client soon (or again Front Page plug in)

  17. nardo218 says:

    OO! Homg this rules! I missed this week’s ep! I only wish Fox would do this — I missed House too, and they don’t show the previous ep until the day AFTER the next ep. So you have to watch them out of order! It offends my dramatic arc OCD.

  18. Vicky says:

    We’ve watched all of this season of Heroes on Netflix “Watch Now” and we finished out The Office Series 2 (British Version) a month or two ago. Since the feature is included in our 2-at-a-time package and we don’t receive broadcast or cable television it has been really handy. After an initial hiccup, resolved by a real live person at Netflix who answered the phone immediately, and the realization that we should be using one of our real computers and not the ancient laptop, we’ve been able to watch shows on-demand in HDTV widescreen on our entertainment system. It’s pretty sweet.

  19. trillium says:

    Way to keep us Mac users away from NBC content. Netflix still doesn’t support OS X :P

  20. facework says:

    Not enough Netflix content is available for viewing via the internet. I’ve been grazing through the Xena seasons, and would really like to stream XFiles as well, but that is only available on disc.

  21. notallcompaniesarebad says:

    @Vicky: “After an initial hiccup, resolved by a real live person at Netflix who answered the phone immediately”
    I had a similar issue. It was almost weird to call, have someone pickup, know exactly what they were talking about, and help me. Their support is not only good, but (dare I say it) enjoyable?

  22. bunnymen says:

    I guess I’d be excited about this if I ever used the streaming feature on Netflix…or watched any of NBC’s programming.

  23. notallcompaniesarebad says:

    @littleredcorvette: “Not such great news for us losers using Firefox and/or Macs”

    If you use firefox on a pc, why not just hop over to IE to watch the show? It’s already on your computer, in all likelihood.

  24. synergy says:

    Um, Consumerist? This has been available for a while.

    @Vicky & @notallcompaniesarebad: Same thing here. When I was first setting up, there was a minor issue, I called, someone picked up right away!, and ACTUALLY KNEW HOW TO FIX IT! I was most pleased.

  25. Mary says:

    @tubby: Exactly, I saw an ad for it during Heroes weeks ago.

    Since we missed the last two weeks, we watched them on Netflix last night. Worked like a dream.

    Also, I haven’t tried it extensively but there’s a “IE Tab” add-on for Firefox. I’ve never found an IE only webpage that doesn’t work in it, but I haven’t tried the Netflix streaming video on there. We were watching on the husband’s computer, and for some reason he hasn’t installed the add-on. I’ll try it tonight though.