Tape Customer Service Calls With RecordMyCalls.com

RecordMyCalls is a super-easy way to record your customer service calls. Just sign up, call their 1-800 number, then call the number on which you wish your call to be recorded. After the call is over, the recording is immediately available on the site for review, downloading, and sharing. The main drawback is that it will cost you a $4.95/month or $9.95/month subscription plan, with recording rates of 20 cents and 15 cents per minute, respectively. We personally prefer using Skype + HotRecorder but for lazy people or those with no technical aptitude or really need to record a call and are aware from their “base” computer, RecordMyCalls is a viable option.

Note: Every time we offer a tool for recording calls, a lot of people whine about whether it’s legal or not…

Technically, we’ll never know until a customer is actually sued by a company for recording a call. Otherwise, what follows is a list of states requiring you to tell the other person that you’re recording if the call (mainly to ensure that the recording would be legally admissible in court):

States Requiring Two-Party Notification
New Hampshire

All other states only require one-party notification, i.e. yourself.

RecordMyCalls [Official Site]

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