Seems like we’re not the only ones noticing that Sears customer service can be as effective as a pile of pulsating wood pulp. WCVB5 in Boston runs a segment on the retailer’s faded glory and current woes at 11 tonight. [WCVB]


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  1. gypsychk says:

    Recently had my fridge die, but we have American Home Shield (don’t ask), so we figured we’d be covered. At some point, AHS decided Sears should still have a warranty on our fridge, but because it came with our house we had no paperwork on the fridge. Sears looked up the fridge, told me the purchase date, informed me that the fridge was no longer covered by Sears, but communicated to AHS that it was. “Runaround” about covers it … never did get it straightened out completely. (AHS did, in the end, cover the fridge in part, though both companies insisted until the bitter end that neiter was responsible …)

  2. SoFlaSnowMan says:

    The following would probably be a better link. The one above only goes to a promo.


  3. SpecialEd says:

    1. Several years ago Sears sent me a letter requesting that I return my Sears credit card to them, saying that I didn’t use it enough. I was digging out of CC debt at the time and wasn’t using ANY cards, but they would not let me keep it even though I was still a customer.
    2. I called for a Sears repairman to fix my washing machine. I was charged more than $100 to find out that they couldn’t fix it.
    3. Went to Sears automotive first thing on a Saturday morning. I was the only one in the place and there were two managerial types in the store. Both Sears employees refused to acknowledge me in any way. After around 15 minutes I walked right by the worker with his head under the counter and purchased tires at a friendly Firestone dealer.
    4. The last straw was a purchase online. The item I ordered was broken, but was packaged in a way that it was obvious that whoever packed it, knew that it was broken and didn’t care. I pointed this out at the store when I took it in for a refund, but they still refused to refund the shipping.
    5. I’m finished with Sears. Sears seems to go out of their way to antagonize the customer. I can’t take it anymore.