Return Of The Fake Million Dollar Bill

Another person has been caught trying to pass a fake (ahem, there are no real ones) million dollar bill. This time the idiot in question tried to pass the bill at a bank.

From (our favorite NBC affiliate) NBC Augusta:

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office arrested an Augusta man who tried to open a bank account with a counterfeit $1,000,000 bill.

Alexander D. Smith is charged with disorderly conduct and forgery.

Investigators say Smith gave the counterfeit bill to a teller at Regions Bank in Clearwater, South Carolina. The employee refused to accept the bill and called the sheriff’s office.

Officers say Smith also purchased several cartons of cigarettes with a stolen check over the weekend.

These fake bills feature a picture of Grover Cleveland, who was once featured on the $1,000 bill. The largest bill currently in circulation is the $100.

Fake Million Dollar Bill Lands Man In Jail
[NBC Augusta]

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