Pep Boys loses a whole bunch of money, cuts 500 jobs and closes 31 stores. [BusinessWeek]


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  1. liquisoft says:

    Makes sense. I never see commercials for them, and their locations are so few and far-between. The only one I know of is near work, and I’m not likely to run down there to pick up some oil on the weekend.

  2. Trai_Dep says:

    And they’re crooks. Roomie took his car to get fixed, simple radiator thermo replacement. Somehow the idiots managed to put the thermo in BACKWARDS then when it overheated they were “mystified”.

    Took to my mechanic, who laughed and switched it in a half-hour.

    Took nearly a month and threats of taking them to court – loudly, in front of line of ten waiting customers (heh many of which left) before they refunded their job.

    It’s good to see the truth catching up to rotten crooks.

    Bye, Manny! Bye, Moe! Bye, Jack!!

  3. LizS says:

    They are crooks.

    We made the mistake of taking a vehicle to the Warminster, PA, Pep Boys for a car inspection and they disconnected the EGR solenoid hose to make the car fail emissions, among other things. Fortunately, I have a mechanically savvy husband who was able to figure out why the car was warmed up and fine when we dropped it off and running insanely rough to the point where I thought the car wouldn’t make it home afterwards.

    My husband posted all about it here: []

  4. swalve says:

    Who goes to a parts store for mechanical work?

    @LizS: That’s what happens when you have a state that forces inspections but lets local places do them, but forced them to do it for a fixed fee. They have all the incentive in the world to rip you off.

  5. LizS says:

    @swalve: There are plenty of honest places out there. We haven’t had any problems anywhere else we’ve been and, believe me, with five vehicles and almost no work done at auto shops because it’s done all at home, there’ve been plenty of opportunities to run into shady inspection places.

    I don’t buy your rationale for a big place like Pep Boys. They’re plenty busy without the extra work from sabotaging inspections. They got no extra money from us, lots of headaches and a state agency on their backs.

    I think the store took a big decline when their stores stopped looking like auto parts shops and started looking more like toy stores, with their razor scooters and such. When I think scooter, I don’t think Pep Boys.