Morning Deals

  • Pristine Salmon: Alaskan salmon shipped to your door from $11.50/pound shipped.
  • $10 off with coupon code GIFT10, no minimum.
  • Virgin America: 2-for-1 round-trip tickets. [via BoingBoing Gadgets]
  • Highlights From Dealhack

  • Amazon: Save up to 70% off Children’s Books & up to 75% off Past Bestsellers
  • Nike Store: Save an Extra 20% off Footwear, Clothing, & Gear with Coupon
  • Tiger Direct: Logitech Harmony 550 Remote Control $40 (use of rebate requires buying at least $100 worth of stuff)
  • Highlights From Bargainist

  • Apple MacBook Pro laptops $150 off + free shipping
  • Best Buy: $10 Off any video game $30 & up coupon
  • Dr. Martens Shoes: 35% off purchases coupon
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    1. dmc says:

      Careful on the Tiger Direct Logitech Harmony 550 remote rebate… if you actually download the rebate form PDF it clearly says you must ALSO purchase an “electronics device” worth more than $100 in order to qualify for the rebate on the Harmony remote. I’m glad I checked the rebate form before I checked out because I am in the market for one of these.


      Just another example of how awful mail-in rebates really are and I nearly got suckered by this one.

      Consumerist, you should remove or clarify.

    2. TM says:

      Why do the morning deals post’s no longer show up in the feed?

    3. MENDOZA!!!!! says:

      @dmc: I was all set to buy this, too. Then I noticed the *
      Pretty weak, Tiger Direct.

    4. mopar_man says:


      I think Consumerist should just stop posting deals at places who aren’t in good standing on this website (Tiger Direct, Best Buy, etc.).

    5. popeye_doyle says:

      The salmon is all frozen. Don’t waste your time.

    6. NBABUCKS1 says:

      This stuff is bled out at sea, and put on ice immediatly. Once it arrives back at the docks, it is immediatly filleted and flash frozen. This is the best possible way you can handle your fish to go long distance.

      Obviously fresh fish is ideal, but it’s not possible in all locals. I bet 99% of fish that you buy in any market not located near the sea is a “refresh” product in which it was frozen and then thawed out to sell to the consumer.

      This is a supurb product. That has been handled with the utmost care!

    7. pestie says:

      Further proof that Tiger Direct are a bunch of thieves. I still think Consumerist is obligated to post this shit due to corporate ownership by Gawker Media, since they (Ben, Meg, etc.) are deafeningly silent on the myriad criticisms of the so-called “deals” on these posts that are often from the same companies the Consumerist team derides mercilessly at all other times.