The 10 Most-Hated Money Saving Tips

Like saving money? So does blogger Free Money Finance. But he says not all money saving ideas are well-received. In fact, some are downright hated. Here is FMF’s list of what he believes to be the 10 most-hated money saving tips:

10. Be healthy
9. Move to a foreign country (or even visit for health care)
8. Quit smoking
7. Buy used
6. Buy a house you can afford
5. Cut your cable
4. Take your lunch to work
3. Limit small spending
2. Don’t buy a pet
1. Move to a lower cost-of-living city

Oh no, you mean I might have to change my life if I want to cut spending?! Yep, there’s a lot to dislike here. Then again, if you really need some extra money, many of these ideas can offer significant savings. Follow the link to see FMF’s rationale for each tip.

The 10 Most-Hated Money Saving Tips [Free Money Finance]

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