Pensioneer Saves For Cruise For 10 Years, Misses Flight, Princess Cruises Keeps All Her Money

A 78-year old pensioner saved for a cruise for 10 years, but after she missed an airplane connection, she missed the cruise ship and Princess Cruises gets to keep her $2500 paid for the cruise. They’re also keeping the $559.80 the airlines refunded because she didn’t take the flight. (See how that works? You don’t get charged unless you actually use their service…) You gotta read the Washington Post column for the full run-down of all the different things that went wrong on this lil old lady’s trip.

For the cruise industry, cancellation fees of 100% are the norm. It’s clearly stated in the fine print on your contract. Since there’s disclosure, the FTC isn’t of the opinion that there’s anything wrong with it. With these non-existent refund policies, perhaps floating prison rides are one time travel insurance is worthwhile?

The Dream Trip That Wasn’t [Washington Post]
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