Pranking US Airways Exec In Charge Of In-Flight Credit Card Pushing

Annoyed by getting pitched credit cards in the middle of his US Airways flight, John Hargave of calls up the VP of marketing at 5 in the morning to try to sell him a credit card. Site contains audio recording of the call. Harvgave also called up the US Airways executive office number and tried to sell a credit card to the gal there:

UA: You know what? I really need to go, because I have work to wrap up before the end of my workweek.
JH: And this is annoying, isn’t it?
UA: Yeah, it is annoying. But you know what? I’m able to tune stuff out that I don’t really want to hear.
JH: You know why? Because you’re not captive on a plane.

The obvious next evolution is that customers can opt to sit in a part of plane that doesn’t have hear the credit card offers, provided they pay a small additional fee.

The Airline Rewards Credit Card Prank [Zug]

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