Drinking And Shopping Probably Not A Good Mix

We can’t imagine getting through the crowds today without doing a shot of something first, but both the Houston Chronicle and the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas say it’s probably not a good idea—you end up doing things like buying a massage chair from Sharper Image and not remembering anything about it when it shows up at your front door the next day.

One woman calls them “shopping goggles”—and blames them for buying a $90 sweater “while tipsy.”

Retailers don’t seem to mind it as much. The owner of one clothing store tells the Chronicle, “Once they try something on and see that they like it, they tend to go for it, because obviously, they’ve taken the edge off.” He says slightly drunk customers stay longer and spend about $100 more on average.

If you think you’re impervious to the wallet-opening effects of liquor, consider this cautionary tale:

Karry’s been there. “I was at home drinking,” she remembered, “and I thought, ‘Oh, my God, I need bras.’ ” She found a couple at Nordstrom.com and spent $55 — each.

“Think twice before drinking and shopping” [Houston Chronicle]
(Photo: Getty)

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