RECALLS: Baja Motorsports ATVs (lack of tire pressure gauge), L.L. Bean Snow And Sandcastle Kit (sharp edges), Family Dollar Metal Jewelry (lead),Cooper Lighting Fluorescent Shop Lights (electrical shock),Discount School Supply Paint Brushes (lead),Metal Jewelry Sold at Michaels Stores (lead),La Femme NY Inc. Children’s Necklace and Earring Sets (lead),Children’s Metal Jewelry (lead),Cherrydale Fundraising Bracelets (lead),Buy-Rite Children’s Metal Jewelry (lead),Children’s Pencil Pouches Sold In Schools Nationwide (lead), Slipcovers Used With Boppy Pillows (choking and lead), Visual Presenters (fire), Flashing Pacifiers (choking)Heartland® Brand Graham Pie Crusts (undeclared almonds, milk and coconut), Charlemagne Dark Chocolate Organic Bars (undeclared milk), True Man’s Sexual Energy Max, Dietary Supplement (secretly Viagra).


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  1. juri squared says:

    Let’s see… lead, lead, lead, UNDECLARED MILK (always my favorite), lead… secretly Viagra?? I actually had to click to make sure it wasn’t a joke.

    That made my afternoon. Thanks!

  2. MercuryPDX says:

    @jurijuri: I picture a Folgers-esque commercial attached…

    “We’ve secretly replaced bob’s dietary supplement with Viagra… let’s see if he notices.”

  3. Skiffer says:

    @jurijuri: Yep, I had to click too…followed by a google search:


  4. kantwait says:

    “Secretly Viagra” is my new favorite phrase. I’m not quite sure how I’ll work it into conversation though…

  5. ChrisC1234 says:

    Lesson number 1: ALL cheap fake jewelry will probably contain lead. Don’t buy any.

    Lesson number 2: Most things labeled with names like “True Man’s Sexual Energy Max, Dietary Supplement” will probably not work. If they DO work, they will promptly be removed from the market as this one is. So much for “Secretly Viagra”. I had to click the link too just to see if that was a joke or not (it’s not a joke, but it is funny).

  6. bohemian says:

    So the real issue is that viagra is nothing more than a commonly found dietary supplement. But you will be forced to now see a doctor (pay a fee), get a prescription and pay about 300% more for the pharmacy version of the same thing.

    A drug company should not be allowed to patent a commonly found substance.

  7. nardo218 says:

    HOW is it possible to get viagra into a energy bar? And if men are buying them for “sexual energy,” why are they complaining? (Except for the priapism and migrains you get if you’re on antipsychotics, which the reports fail to mention, because crazy men don’t have sex.)