Call Center Supervisors Are Sometimes Fake

We all know in our heart of hearts, but sometimes when you call customer service and ask for a supervisor the person who comes on isn’t really a supervisor. We spotted these comments over at an online call center magazine where agents admit that they routinely have other agents pose as supervisors instead of actually escalating the call…

” I was working in a call center with just 40 seats and when customers insist on talking to supervisor we just passed it to the next guy, introducing him as supervisor.”

“Is it ethical to have another agent pose as a supervisor? Sure, depending on how it’s done.”

“I have worked several call center jobs. In some cases we were told to avoid supervisor contacts at all costs. In others we were empowered to either say we were supervisors or to pass off to another agent who claimed to be a supervisor”

Most of the other comments find this practice unethical and bad customer service, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not going on.

(Photo: Getty)

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