AMC Plays "SAW IV" Instead Of "Bee Movie"

“I went to the AMC Theater in Framingham MA Sunday night with my wife, 27 year old daughter & 12 year old son to see Bee Movie. After sitting through the 10 minutes previews for coming attractions, it’s on to the Feature Presentation. Well, to everyones shock & awe what is the opening scene? There on the big screen in front of the mostly “G” audience what do we see? A naked male corpse on a slab being autopsied…………..yes we were watching SAW IV!”

Needless to say the theater emptied as if someone had yelled Fire! After less than 2 minutes the movie was stopped & we returned to the theater to sit through more coming attractions and finally BEE Movie. Now between the two movies a manager & two other workers came into the theater apologized over & over and handed each person in the theater 2 Free Passes 1 Free Coke & 1 Free Popcorn coupon. WOW I think they handled the situation tremendously…….Kudos to the AMC/Framingham. Also, on the way out of the movie the manager was waiting, apologizing again & handing out free BEE Movie posters. How refreshing……..Congratulations AMC on a job WELL DONE!!!!


Nothing like taking the whole family to bond over the latest installment of a gruesome shlock horror franchise. Nice one AMC, because had you done anything less, you would have some incredibly enraged parents on your hands.