Save Negative $0.91 On Sears Treadmills

Trixare4kids writes:

I went down to Sears today in Oakland, California, and as I am walking by the treadmills this caught my eye. The sale price on this treadmill is .91 cents higher than the original price. Someone at Sears needs a to re-take basic math.

Actually, the portion of this sign that says, “save” bears no relation to the rest of the sign. It’s just a general reminder to all of us in life that it’s important to save things. Like receipts, memories, and rare stamps.

The “$599.88, was $598.97” signals consumers that the Horizon treadmill is increasing in value. Based on the price elasticity of demand curve, it’s either growing in demand, or decreasing in supply. Probably the latter, as the bottom of the sign reads, “limited quantities.” You could also intrepret the black word on orange background to mean “save yourself from being a fatass” or “save one of these treadmills before your neighbor gets one.” Really, it’s less a price placard than a tone poem.


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  1. hanbush says:

    well if its save 599.88, then they should be paying you 91 cents to take it

  2. .88 = near closeout, .97 = closeout at sears. They must of got more in stock.

    Still stupid. I just tried to buy a treadmill from and they told me it was out of stock, then told me to re-order a day later because it was back in stock, then canceled my order again. I bought it directly from ICON (who makes a lot of the popular brands) and saved with free shipping, no tax and a better overall price. Screw Sears.

  3. vex says:

    Good example of why “Sale” is overused and not necessarily saving you any money.

  4. remedies says:

    in before “this isn’t news”/”why is this a story?”/”INTERNET SERIOUS BUSINESS!!” & etc. comments.

  5. Asvetic says:

    I don’t save receipts, is that wrong?

  6. savvy999 says:

    it’s the new marketing-speak. Buy simply slathering ‘save’ on a sign, your neurons get stuck in neutral, pondering the unspoken possibilities… save what?

    the whales?…
    the planet?…
    my belt before I have to put another hole in it to make it fit?…

    …all while you are handing over your credit card to the cashier, signing with a dull stylus in the little plastic box and getting a receipt that’s 4 feet long.


  7. nucleotide says:

    That store is straight out of Omega Man. Located in the heart of Oaksterdam, this the last relic of what was once a thriving retail hub. Hardly a soul in the store when I’ve been there. The surrounding “businesses” consist of marijuana dispensaries and eccentric bohemian bars (van kleef) and cafes. Great place to wonder around on a Sunday and pretend that you’re the last person on earth. Oaklandecay at it’s finest! Sadly the yuppie condos are changing that.

  8. huadpe says:

    “Based on the price elasticity of demand curve, it’s either growing in demand, or decreasing in supply. Probably the latter, as the bottom of the sign reads, “limited quantities.””

    I think you’re using terms that are too fancy for your own good. All you need is a downward sloping demand curve to have that happen, the specific elasticity is irrelevant. Since treadmills are a normal good, we can assume that the demand curve is downward sloping, and the whole “price elasticity” portion of that phrase really isn’t needed. Yes, the curve is elastic, but you don’t have to say so, we all know it. Well, those of us with nothing better to do than study economics.

  9. @huadpe: High Fructose Corn Syrup caused in change in demand instead of a movement along the curve… Sears , however, is so 133t that they do not follow the rules of supply and demand and your silly pricing models. w00t

  10. huadpe says:

    @AngrySicilian: Sears can ignore supply and demand all they like. Tell me how that’s working out while I go short their stock.

  11. @huadpe: They are putting the moves on restoration hardware the way a creepy old Mr. Roebuck only could. I think now would be a decent time to short that puppy, if your brokerage will let you ride it for a little while.

  12. bombaxstar says:

    Ha…I wanna check that item number next time I go to work…I`ll see if the register REALLY says that…ha

  13. tadowguy says:

    I’d like to chime in in support of “moronic price signs” on here. They amuse me.

  14. Geka says:

    Really funny mistake. I once saw some this kind of error on, the special price was same as the original price, and I think it could make lots of trouble to them, I don’t if they noticed and correct it.