Announcing New Comment Features!

As a commenter on, you now have some awesome new powers. Let’s check ’em out!

The features have been implemented and functional for a few weeks now, but we just let people discover them on their own. Now it’s time for an official breakdown of how they function.

First, these features will only work if you’re reading us from our front page at (sorry, RSS readers), and you must be logged in to your comments account. (Need a commenter account? Here’s how to get one). You can log in at the top of any page.


Or under the comments section on any post.


Now that we’re logged in, let’s start checking out the new tools. We’ll use the comments in “Who Should And Shouldn’t Buy A Mac” as an example. Right click on that post link and open the post in a new tab or window to follow along.


To the right of CRNK’s name are a row of three buttons. What do they mean?

Left turn arrow: reply to this comment.

Exclamation point: report an inappropriate comment to the moderator for possible punitive action.

Plus sign: “follow” this person’s comments. This is where the new fun starts. Let’s explore this feature further.


After “following” someone, whenever they make a comment, and you are logged in, there will be a little announcement on the front page of You can click the post title in the announcement and go to the post that they commented on.


You will also see when they start following other commenters.

Clicking on a commenter’s name takes you to their profile.


There you will see a list of all their comments, who they’re following, and who is following them. You can also leave them feedback.

A shortcut for going to any commenter’s profile, including your own is:

clickthex.jpgIf you want to stop seeing someone’s comments on your web page, go to your own profile and click on the X next to their name. You are now no longer following them.

followersmore.jpgSee who is following you by going to your profile page and clicking on “Followers more >>”


Lastly, by clicking “friends,” you get to see just the comments the people you follow are making!

Give the new features a whirl and let us know what you think.


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  1. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    Are we supposed to comment on the new comment features? I don’t know if I have a sanguine comment.

  2. Fry says:

    They should post this across all of Gawker. I also continuously follow Kotaku but have never seen any sort of primer. Unless I skimmed over it (which does happen).

  3. sleze69 says:

    This is stalkerific!

  4. homerjay says:

    Hasn’t this been here for a while now? these buttons have been there for at least a couple months now.

  5. Bay State Darren says:

    Groovy, but can we get nested comments back please? That was a really good feature that hasn’t worked for me [Firefox on OS X] in months, and was never reliable before that.

  6. Trai_Dep says:

    Commenting on commenting. How meta!

  7. FREAKHEAD says:


  8. emona says:

    @Fry: Jezebel has it covered, at least.

    On a related (to the article note): yay?

  9. nardo218 says:

    I’d rather have a feature that alerts me when someone replies to *my* comments.

  10. Robert Isbell says:

    that’s a wonderful tutorial you put together. I think it will help a lo of people old and new alike.

  11. Antediluvian says:

    So, is the long-awaited* strikeout format available now?

    * Well, long-awaited by me, at least.

    Also, haven’t these features been around for weeks now? I like that they’re now explained. Probably time for a refresher on comment formatting, too.

    I can haz strikeout?

  12. toolverine says:

    I hate nested comments! Please don’t bring them back.

  13. ColoradoShark says:

    @toolverine: Nested comments are cool. When you make a snarky remark, everyone can see what you were being snarky about.

  14. chrispiss says:

    well this is just great.

  15. chrispiss says:

    we should have more profile features. consumerist could become a sort of amateur, elitist, economically focused myspace.

  16. chrispiss says:

    and just to be a jackass, here’s a third post in a row. :|

  17. MercuryPDX says:

    I’ve been waiting for the directions. :) Thanks!

  18. Fry says:

    @quarterly: The only Gawker sites I look at it are Consumerist and Kotaku. Unless one of those are cross-posted, I don’t see it. :P
    @nardo218: Same here. It’s easier than keeping track of where you posted if you asked questions or are hoping for (intelligent) debate.

  19. CapitalC says:

    To quote one of my favourite old TV ads from Quiznos…

    “I fear change. I’m going to stick with my bushes.”

  20. krunk4ever says:

    @homerjay: i was just going to say the same thing. i was expecting some new features, but these appear to be stuff i’ve seen for at least a few weeks.

  21. amoeba says:


  22. JPropaganda says:

    @krunk4ever: Agreed. It keeps telling me whenever I have a comment up…

    Seriously though…can we find out if people are following us? Just wondering…

  23. Ben Popken says:

    @JPropaganda: Yes, by going to your profile page and clicking “followers” in the bottom right hand corner. I’ll make sure to add that to the tutorial.

  24. ElizabethD says:

    I agree – I’d like a function such as is available on Livejournal where you can be notified if someone replies to your comment.

  25. Elviswasntmyhero says:

    Uh, gee, thanks Ben.

    Now how about shaming health insurance companies into disappearing off the face of the earth.

    When you have the time, of course.

  26. Buran says:

    @toolverine: I like them. But this should be an individual user choice that you set in your preferences.

    That said, the screenshots show nested comments. But they are not nesting for me.

    Why not?

  27. Buran says:

    @Elviswasntmyhero: Gonna give me money to pay for medications and treatment to make up for that?

  28. Buran says:

    @Antediluvian: Apparently not, but how about some grammar in the meantime?

  29. Ben Popken says:

    @ColoradoShark: If you want nested comments, you can employ this third-party Greasemonkey script made by YogurtEarl. It does mess up all the buttons, however.

  30. BigNutty says:

    I’m with the same thought as NARDO218 and ELIZABETHD. I would love a feature that alerts me to who makes a reply to my comments. It seems like a natural thing everybody would want.

  31. Ben Popken says:

    Tracking who replied to your comments tracking is a great idea! While we don’t currently offer it on the site, you can do it with Commentful or with Yahoo! Pipes.

  32. SJActress says:


    Totally beat me to the punch.

    What I WAS going to say was, “Well, this sucks. I don’t have any stalke–er, followers!”

    And now I’ve said it. :)

  33. Meg Marco says:

    This is the prettiest post we’ve ever done.

  34. DrGirlfriend says:

    “Friends’ activity

    You have no friends”

    :( what a downer

  35. ColoradoShark says:

    @Ben Popken: I’ve got the greasemonkey script so the nested comments work nicely for me but your comment does explain the weird buttons.

  36. Buran says:

    @Ben Popken: Then fix them!

  37. Skeptic says:

    Wow, but still no button to


    from a comment to reply to it. I’d much rather have that than some “stalk this commenter” feature. That and basic formatting buttons like I, B, and Link so we don’t have to manually write out the HTML every time we want to format some text…

    Color me unimpressed.

  38. Skeptic says:

    A shortcut for going to any commenter’s profile, including your own is:
    http ://

    This is false. The reality is this:

    A shortcut for going to any commenter’s profile, including your own is:
    http :// screen_name.

    Perhaps you should change that??????

  39. gibbersome says:

    OMG, I’m now following Skeptic!

  40. Skeptic says:

    OMG, I’m now following Skeptic!


  41. shoegazer says:

    Yay, another step towards Socialnetworkerist!

  42. juri squared says:

    @drgirlfriend: I’m following you! I think you rule. :D

  43. ConsumptionJunkie says:


  44. GiselleBeardchen says:

    Hey everybody—follow me, naked twister at Fleshbot!

  45. homerjay says:

    Wow, look at me, right not top of Carey’s friends list. I think you’re pretty special too, hun. :)

  46. faust1200 says:

    @homerjay: Carey is a guy….Awwwkwaaard!!!

  47. homerjay says:

    @faust1200: yes… I know….. Thanks for playing.

  48. faust1200 says:

    Oh now I feel awkward. Lol.

  49. savvy999 says:

    I have no followers, no one with which to hide in a Russian cave.

  50. homerjay says:

    @faust1200: Its all good. :)

  51. Trai_Dep says:

    What? No Insert kitten picture button? We’ve been robbed!

  52. Omi says:

    @FREAKHEAD: I’m watching you!

  53. Trai_Dep says:

    Considering that Consumerist is based in NYC, shouldn’t there be a “nemesis” button in addition to “friends”?

  54. ninjatales says:

    I thought this was already in place since last month.

  55. Trai_Dep says:

    On the main page:

    BEN POPKEN removed JustAGuy2, crnk and ParkerTheDog.

    I humbly vote for exquisite details when commentators are decapitated in the future. Not quite as good as a scarlet “A” tattooed on their breast, but since Nathaniel Hawthorne don’t blog, I’ll take what we can get.

  56. Amelie says:

    Now you just need to give some respected members, the ability to award negative points to the myriad of jackass comments and positive points to the well-thought out, on topic ones. When a person gets enough positive points, perhaps they too can join the elite group of point awarders. Also the points should be displayed next to the persons name. Maybe the thought of being Joe Jackass with a score of -57, will curb some of their comments. If not, it would at least let people know Joe Jackass’ comments should be ignored.

  57. peggynature says:

    The computer told me I have no friends and no followers. Now I shoot myself.

  58. testing…1…2…4

  59. Bladefist says:


  60. Bladefist says:

    like omg test