Sprint Will Not Stop Billing Me For A Bogus Early Termination Fee

In August, my husband and I wanted to change phone carriers from Sprint to Helio. We first looked at the Sprint website to see if our contracts were up. It appeared that my contract was up in January 07 and my husbands was expired by July 07. We called Sprint to make sure. The person we talked to said there was some 1-year renewal that was given to us with a $50 rebate in 2006. We didn’t remember doing this. The man we spoke to said he would get rid of the rebate and add it on to our last bill and not charge us the $150. Great! We thought.

We should have known better. We were leaving Sprint because of their shenanigans.

We kept getting bills for a $150 cancellation fee. Each time I called, the person told me that this was a bogus fee. and that it would be removed.

We got bill after bill with added charges. I kept calling and kept being told that it would be removed.

Then we got a notice that our bill was being sent to a collections agency. I called again. In two hours, the woman on the other line said, it would be removed and I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Today I got a bill from a collection agency. I called Sprint again. Today he tells me that there was a $50 rebate for a phone upgrade that we don’t remember from 2006. And that all those people who told me I wouldn’t have to pay $150 were wrong and if I COME BACK TO SPRINT I wouldn’t have to pay!

Who should I talk to, how do I get away from the madness?


Oh, Sprint. The most forgetful of the cellphone carriers.

The first thing we suggest is the Consumerist hotline that Sprint set up just for our readers,(703-433-4401). We’ve heard that it works pretty well.

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to launch the EECB. Our “Ultimate Guide To Fighting Back” has links to lots of Sprint contact information posts. You’re just asking them to leave you alone, so the issue should be easy to escalate.

If you’re feeling saucy, you can also begin complaining to your state’s Attorney General, Public Utilities Commission, and the BBB.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, you live in Minnesota where the Attorney General is seriously pissed at Sprint. We also recommend keeping an eye on your credit report so you can dispute anything Sprint sticks you with. Good luck!

UPDATE: Dunia writes,

Called the sprint consumerist hotline.

A very calm human answered, looked at the account and fixed it. You guys totally rule.

Sprint’s Consumerist hotline keeps on rockin’.

(Photo:Sam Wilkinson)

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