Find Out Who Keeps Calling

Here’s three sites you can use when you want to find out more information about a number that’s calling you. Maybe it’s a telemarketer, recording, or a harassing caller, chances are, they’re targeting others. At these sites, you can enter the phone number from your caller ID and see if other citizens are sharing intel about the number. People find their way to the sites either directly, or by Googling the number and stumbling across the site.

Numberzoom seems to be the least trafficked of the sites, but it offers a great promise by providing a whole Wikipedia-like system visitors can use to build up a compendium of knowledge about each number.

If you’re just curious, or maybe you’re trying to piece together names and addresses to file an official complaint, these sites are a place to start to track down who’s on the other end of the phone line.

[via TracNotes]

(Photo: Lazy_Lightning)

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