Consumer Reports Underwhelmed By Walmart's Black Friday Ad

Consumer Reports seems sort of disappointed by Walmart’s Black Friday ad:

After weeks of speculation, Wal-Mart unveiled its Black Friday ad early this morning, and while it isn’t short on great buys–including, for example, a sub-$800 42-inch 1080p LCD and a sub-$1,400 50-inch 720p plasma–it seemed to lack the punch of last year’s promotion, which triggered severe price drops on a highly rated Panasonic 42-inch plasma HDTV.

This year, TV promotions are centered largely on models from Polaroid, a secondary brand whose models haven’t done particularly well in CR’s HDTV Ratings. For example, as part of a Friday-only, 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. doorbuster sale, Wal-Mart is offering a 42-inch 1080p Polaroid LCD TV for $798, while a 32-inch 720p Polaroid LCD TV is priced at $448. Other TV deals good only during that time include a $448 26-inch Polaroid LCD TV/DVD combo, and a $198 Emerson LCD TV.

Snooze. Polaroid?

For all you Black Friday obsessed folk, Walmart also plans on unveiling some additional deals on Thanksgiving Day via

We plan on keeping up our usual Black Friday tradition of sitting at home, sipping eggnog and watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Those are not pillows.

Wal-Mart Black Friday Ads Lack Last Year’s Fireworks [Consumer Reports]


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  1. Quellman says:

    And if you price most of their items with their site now, they are the same price. No savings, too much chaos. Online shopping is your friend.

  2. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I heard bad things about those Polaroid TVs. The problem with these Black Friday deals is that people see them in store, and don’t have time (or don’t bother) doing reasearch. I would be more irritated having spent money on a blurry LCD tv than sitting home watching a 32″ crt tv.

  3. humphrmi says:

    I was hoping for a repeat of the Panasonic Plasma price wars, since I didn’t get in that one last year. In fact, I figured things would be even better this year given the desparate nature of retail this season. Oh well, guess they don’t need me to spend my money this year. I’ll wait.

    BTW anyone know where to get a Panasonic 42″ Plasma on the cheap online?

  4. catnapped says:

    Better off getting some of the 20% off coupons at Kmart and using those right now. Though some stores have cracked down on their use on electronics (which ‘sort of’ was in the exclusion list), many stores are still accepting them.

  5. JohnMc says:

    Ho-hum. You could not get me near a mall this upcoming weekend. I have not been near a mall on Black Friday in 10 years. Its total bedlam and not worth the headache.

  6. Kishi says:

    I’m just glad I won’t be working on Black Friday, like I have the past three or four years- first in hotels, then in retail last year. Instead, my wife and I get to take the day off and relax. Play video games or something.

  7. Shinobuu says:

    Haha, I do plan on heading to the mall, for fun and to get my b-day gift that someone owes me. As for the Walmart’s Black Friday Ad, if it isn’t so “ubber”, then there shouldn’t have been any threats made by them not to reveal this ad a couple weeks ago.

  8. bohemian says:

    Target and some others are advertising Westinghouse brand LCD monitors and TVs. We looked at them a while back and the picture on all of them was horrible and blurry. Maybe it is the same thing as Walmart and the Polaroid models. They are just unloading their junk.

    So far I have not seen anything worth getting out of bed early on a Friday off for.

  9. theblackdog says:

    I have only seen one black friday item worth getting, and at least 5-6 stores will have it (if the ads are true) so I’m going with the store that I was given some gift cards to.

  10. HRHKingFriday says:

    I was disappointed that the midlevel electronics (computer moniter) were lacking as well. I hope there are some online specials, which is better than showing up at 5AM anyways.

  11. BigNutty says:

    These sales are for women. Yes I’m sexist, ask my wife. Guy’s would rather kick back at home than mingle with the shopping mob on Black Friday

  12. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    Most of the black friday stuff is crappy 2nd string stuff. In 2000 I worked PT at BB and we had this big sale on $40 DVD players, we only had 50. Guess how many got returned?….48 of them cause they were crap. I personally know that 13 of the 50 didn’t even work out of the box. We checked them when they came in on return.

  13. bohemian says:

    @bignutty, BB and Staples were chuck full of guys willing to stomp all over each other for $100 off computer monitors and half off hard drives.

  14. s35flyer says:

    Black Friday is absurd. Sorry I am not getting out of bed for anything. 100 of a monitor, zzzzz. 1080p LCD for 900 zzzzz. Have a good time at 4am