45 Direct Phone Numbers For Comcast Departments

Here’s 45 direct-to-department phone numbers for Comcast, because sometimes reaching the right person at Comcast is so maddening you want to start swinging a hammer in the local branch office. This isn’t to say these people will magically fix your problem, but at least they can leapfrog you past the three-headed watchdog of low-level customer service reps (the heads’ names are Incompetence, Sloth, and Apathy). The escalation and retention numbers, which might be of particular interest for people with big complaints, are marked with an asterix. We tested about 1/3 of these, let us know in the comments if any disconnect….

* (580) 354-8849 Comcast Miramar Escalations
(580) 354-8871 Comcast Broward HSI Tier
(580) 354-8872 Comcast Dade HSI Tier
(580) 354-8873 Comcast Dade Keys HSI Tier
(580) 354-8874 Comcast Panama Video Tier
(580) 354-8875 Comcast Panama Video Billing
(480) 686-8902 Comcast Broward Hispanic HSI (may not work anymore)
(480) 686-8903 Comcast Dade Hispanic HSI (may not work anymore)
(480) 686-8904 Comcast Keys Hispanic HSI (may not work anymore)
(480) 686-8905 Comcast Broward HSI
(480) 686-8906 Comcast Dade HSI
(480) 686-8907 Comcast Keys HSI
* (785) 330-6009 Suscom (Comcast) Maine Escalation
(785)-856-5866 COMCAST-ME-SALES
* (785)-856-5867 COMCAST-ME-RETENTION
(785)-856-5870 COMCAST-ME-VIDEO_TIER
(785)-856-5871 COMCAST-ME-HSI_TIER
(785)-856-5872 COMCAST-NY-SALES
* (785)-856-5873 COMCAST-NY-RETENTION
(785)-856-5874 COMCAST-NY-VIDEO_TIER
(785)-856-5875 COMCAST-NY-VOICE_TIER
(785)-856-1759 Comcast Tuscaloosa Video Tier1
(785)-856-1760 Comcast Southern Miss Video Tier1
(785)-856-1761 Comcast-Houma Video Tier
(785)-856-1762 Comcast-Houma Video Billing
(785)-856-1763 Comcast-Houma HSI Billing
(785)-856-1764 Comcast-Rankin DEL Video Billing
(785)-856-1765 Comcast-Rankin DEL Video Tier
(785)-856-1766 Comcast-Jackson DEL Video Tier
(785)-856-1767 Comcast-Mobile Video Billing
(785)-856-1768 Comcast-Mobile Video Tier
(785)-856-1769 Comcast-Atlanta Video Tier
(785)-856-1770 Comcast/TW Houston HSD Tier2
(785)-856-1771 Comcast Broward HSI Tier
(785)-856-1772 Comcast Dade HSI Tier
(785)-856-1773 Comcast Keys HSI Tier
(785)-856-1774 Comcast Atlanta Video Billing
(785)-856-1725 Comcast-Jackson DEL Video Billing
(785)-856-1730 Comcast-Savannah-Video Tier

(Photo: cmorran123)

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