Due to bankruptcy and sale to a liquidation company, tomorrow is the last day to redeem any gift cards at Bombay and Bombay Kids furniture stores. After that you will have to make a claim through bankruptcy court to get anything from the gift cards.


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  1. quail says:

    Another good reason to never give gift cards as gifts. (Sad too because I liked Bombay back in the early 90’s, way before their money wasting shenanigans.)

  2. UpsetPanda says:

    Well, to be fair…it isn’t like a company is just going to announce bankruptcy on Monday and all their stores will be shuttered up on Tuesday. This Bombay thing has been in the open for months. I first read about it here, and I went to my local Bombay the next day and picked up a few great things for a lot less. And the store’s still open, getting rid of its last few pieces. So it’s not like you don’t have time. Plus, if it the company goes under, you can probably get more stuff for your gift card since everything is discounted.

  3. charlah says:

    I applied at a Bombay store advertising a need for holiday help in early October. They never called, but a week later they put up the “going out of business” signs. Coincidence??

  4. Trackback says:

    Muji’s still packed, as evidenced in this video taken not too long ago by Apartment Therapy Local · Fifth Ave top of the heap in pricey shopping [amNY] · Simon Doonan discusses the holiday windows at Barneys [NY Mag] National · The Office’s John Krasinski models for Gap [Word Up!]

  5. RocktheDebit says:

    Whoa, the Bombay Company’s doing a C11? Where’s the nearest one? I need some rich-looking home decor.