Guitar Hero III For Wii Is Mono?

Dissatisfied customers who bought Guitar Hero III for the Wii are claiming that the game is in mono and doesn’t work properly on their surround sound systems.

Reader John writes:

Would it be possible for you guys to cover the Guitar Hero 3 for Wii sound issue? Activision and Red Octane so far have not and will not acknowledge that there is a problem with the sound for the Wii version of the game(which they should have made a press release that they were going to fix this once it was known there was a problem). When you contact support they just tell you to set up your receiver correctly which is wrong. The sound when set correctly to Dolby Pro Logic only comes out of the center speaker when it should come out of all speakers. Furthermore, a user has proved that the sound coming from the game is not even stereo sound, it’s Mono. This is absurd for a game that is completely based off of sound.

John pointed us to a thread where one user is comparing the sound waves coming from the game to show that, with the exception of a few sound samples, the game is in mono.

Seems like the sort of thing that should have been disclosed on the box, no?

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