New Parkay, Now With More Air and Less Margarine

Reader Rich says:
I’ve been a fan and loyal devotee of Parkay Margarine since I was a kid. Imagine the letdown and disappointment when I picked up a new tub of the margarine and felt it was remarkably lighter in weight. It looks like whipping a bunch of air into a pound of margarine makes it 20% lighter and the same cost to the consumer. After searching all over for a tub of “original” to compare it to, I found that the “new” Parkay is now 13 ounces instead of 16 ounces. Not only that, but it comes in the same sized tub and costs the same too.

Further investigation shows no reference to this “new” spread on the Parkay Website and no “original” to be found anywhere.


Rich H
Grand Rapids, MI

It seems that “new” Parkay contains a different amount of vegetable oil as well. We’re not familiar with Parkay, what’s going on here?


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