Morning Deals

  • No Sweat Apparel: Union-made, sweatshop-free, Chuck Taylor lookalike sneakers for $15.
  • Virgin America: Airfare sale, Nov-Dec.
  • Amazon: 50% off some famous and good movies
  • Highlights From Bargainist

  • Amazon: Kitchen Knives & Other Cutlery at 60% or More off
  • Turtle Beach ANR-20 Noise Canceling Headphones $30 Shipped
  • Refurb Sony PlayStation Portable $155 Shipped
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    1. trecool95 says:

      The Chuck Taylor lookalikes aren’t $15. In fact they cost more than actual Chuck Taylors.

    2. matt1978 says:

      @trecool95: I see $15 for every pair.

    3. csdiego says:

      No Sweat Apparel, I’ll have to remember that. Going to that site will be a more productive reaction than blowing a gasket the next time I read some stupid story about American consumers’ insatiable appetite for Chinese goods.

      [And yeah, I know I’m conflating “Chinese” with “sweatshop”. There are no real labor unions that I know of in China.]

    4. Ben Popken says:

      @trecool95: The regular price, in black, is $42, the sale price, in blue, underneath, is $15.

    5. DashTheHand says:

      That PSP deal is a ripoff. Its for the first generation OLDER, SLOWER, HEAVIER PSP which is being phased out for the new PSP “Slim” which now retails for $170.

      Bad deal.

    6. Fuck Lion says:

      Is union-made supposed to be a positive selling point?

    7. Rusted says:

      @Freaky Styley: Look at it this way. At least the workers are here, recycling their wages into out economy.

    8. mopar_man says:

      @Freaky Styley:

      It probably is when it’s made in a foreign country.

    9. mopar_man says:
    10. edisonblvd says:

      10% off at with coupon code GATHER

    11. edisonblvd says:

      FYI, their stuff isn’t all made in USA

    12. Canadian Impostor says:

      @DashTheHand: Yeah, I think if I wanted a PSP I’d pony up $15 for the newer model instead of an old refurb.

    13. trecool95 says:

      The sale price shows as $35 for me.

    14. Wally East says:

      @trecool95: scroll down the page that’s been linked to. They’re at the bottom of the page. That said, there probably won’t be any shoes in your size for $15.

    15. Twitch says:

      Yea, you can get $15 chuckies… in a size 2 or 3.