Sur La Table Responds To Reader's Hot Handle Incident

We have an official company response in regards to our post, “Sur La Table Mug Handle Found Scorchingly Hot After 2 Minutes In Microwave.” Susanna Linse, Sur La Table Media Relations Manager writes:

“Ceramic earthenware is a porous material; when a ceramic earthenware piece is filled up with liquid and put in the microwave, both the liquid and the vessel get hot. This is why the vendor stamped the warning “may get hot in microwave” on each piece. It is okay to use the microwave to warm food or liquid in ceramic earthenware but it is not correct to cook, bake or boil with this kind of ceramic.

In addition, if a ceramic piece is cold or is filled with icy liquid, it may break when put in the microwave. B40 earthenware, used for bakers and casseroles, is microwave-safe.

Sur La Table guarantees complete product satisfaction. The customer may return the product for a full refund at the store where it was purchased. Merci beaucoup.”We also spoke more with the original complainant. It wasn’t just, oh, ouchie, that was hot – her hand was literally shiny afterwards as a whole sheet of skin was seared off.

So there you have it, folks. Don’t put ceramic earthenware in the microwave if you plan on keeping the skin on your hands. We again reiterate our idea that they change “may get hot in microwave” to “will get hot in microwave.” Your customers, and their palms, will thank you.

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