Eagle-Eyed Safeway Cashier Catches Bobbled Coupon

Reader Amy writes in to praise a Safeway cashier that saved her $1. One dollar might not seem like much, but it shows how little is required for someone to go above and beyond. Amy writes:

I went to my local Safeway today and picked up a package of Boboli bread that had a $1 off coupon attached. I made a mental note to remember to remove the sticker and hand it to the checkout clerk, but forgot.

She was bagging my purchases when she saw the coupon (after I had already paid by credit card.) She removed the coupon, reached in the drawer and handed me a dollar bill. It’s my neighborhood store that I’ve been going to for years and, I guess I don’t have to add, I will continue going for years to come with thoughtful service like that.

Going above and beyond doesn’t require grandiose gestures or alchemic transformations. The smallest actions have the potential to paint a smile on a shopper’s face, and ensure their continued loyalty. Great work, anonymous cashier!

(Photo: mattieb)

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