Charter Decides To Care That Reader Can't Watch Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

After we posted Charlie’s complaint, “Charter Doesn’t Care If You Can’t Watch BBC America,” a Charter Communications Corporate Escalation Specialist emailed The Consumerist and we put her in touch with Charlie.

Now Charlie writes, “Just wanted to let you know that she was able to connect me to another “escalation specialist” who ended up being able to fix my problem…

“…He wouldn’t be very specific about what the issue was, but it sounds like they probably entered some numbers in wrong at some point… It’s funny that their first response to a simple problem is to send out a technician and refuse to look anything up! …It’s amazing how fast things can get done if you talk to the right people!…”

Thanks to the magic of bad press, Charlie can once again watch his favorite BBC America show, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

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  1. RobertV says:

    I feel Charlies pain,I love that show! Gordon Ramsay kicks ass and the UK version is so much better then the one produced in the US.

  2. junkmail says:

    Umm, isn’t that show on Fox or something? My wife and I watch it every week, but I can’t remember what channel. It’s on a big-4 network.

  3. TomFoolery says:


    Yea, the show is on Fox, but there’s also what I would imagine is the original based in England on BBC America.

  4. MattO says:

    yes its on fox :-) i love the show…but i have also seen another Ramsay kitchen show on a bbc channel…i dont get the channel so i havent seen the show, however

  5. Asvetic says:

    The BBC Version is a million times better than the FOX version. I don’t blame Charlie for trying to get BBC America (not to mention the news on BBC America is better than any American affiliated major news network). Good work Charlie.

  6. North of 49 says:

    Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares is on the Food Network.
    Kitchen Nightmares is on Fox. Both are done with Gordon Ramsey.
    I can’t believe how bad some of the restaurants have been on the American version of the show. I don’t even want to eat at a restaurant when I’m down south.

  7. BigNutty says:

    That chef Ramsay is a nut job. I don’t care how good a chef he is, I would never work for such an idiot. I’m waiting for someone to knock him out with a frying pan. But I’m so happy the problem was solved so Charlie could watch chef “happy” be himself.

  8. ancientsociety says:

    @BigNutty: How is Ramsey a “nutjob”?

    Personally, he can only be blamed for consistently being blunt, honest, and straight-forward with the people on that show.

    Sure, he’s not the nicest guy and he may come off as a bit grating since he doesn’t sugar-coat anything but he’s not a “nutjob”.

    The nutjobs are the chefs/owners/managers who are so wrapped up in their own little fantasy worlds that they fail to see that their business is heading for bankruptcy quick. The LA “chef”/owner who cried and threw a tantrum when Ramsey changed his confusing “concept menu” into something more streamlined and classic, or the NY manager kept manipulating the owner and having inappropriate contact with one of the wat staff on the floor, or the NJ manager who practically got into a fistfight with the debt collector who came by for him right in front of the restaurant. Those guyshave problems.

  9. linoth says:

    Just wanted to chime in due to the “when they look things up” remark. I worked tech support for a smaller company that provides dial-around long distance and VoIP phone service. While it may seem perfectly logical that the person you’re calling should look these things up, I imagine that in the larger companies the “you’re not paid to think” mentality is quite strong in order to protect the bottom line.

    They’re paid to keep their call times down, their sales up, satisfaction above the quota, and wait times minimal. She probably did have the capability to stumble through what Charlie wanted checked, but quite simply, she probably wasn’t as familiar with the areas she’d have to check, and it would’ve driven the call time well above average. You get talked to about that, even if it’s justified. It’s not fair, but the simplest way to think about it is “you’re not paid to think, you’re paid to answer that phone.”

    On the other hand, the technician’s job is a bit more open ended. He has to be able to investigate and explore the situation in order to fix it. Quite simply, he has more time to spend dealing with it, where as the call center representatives have about two minutes maximum. More than likely, the call center has been trained that if it’s a bill dispute or a question, to do it themselves, and if troubleshooting is necessary then send in a tech.

  10. Pipes says:

    The different kinds of people on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (BBC) vs Kitchen Nightmares (FOX) is startling, too. Generally the Brits are laid back and very grateful for the help. They KNOW they’re doing something wrong, that’s why they’re going bankrupt! I can only remember one or two British owners that even got remotely fussy.

    With the Americans, though…I haven’t seen a single one that HASN’T thrown a hissy fit in some way, shape, or form. I think it’s all about ego – that, and the British restaurants are generally small and family-owned. They’ve poured their life savings into the place. In the Americans, it’s more often a rich owner. Less investment.

    In any case, RKN is vaaaastly superior to the American version. BBC offers no voiceovers except for the Chef himself, no big sound effects or overly dramaticized situations. And BBC just started showing The F Word with Gordon! Enjoy that too, Charlie. BBC is worth the fight for Gordon and Doctor Who alone.

  11. mangopants says:

    Hello! I have this problem too, I have a Motorola DVR that Charter gave me (not a Tivo) but the exact same issue was experienced.

    After 5 months, 60+ calls to Charter (not exaggerating) and 3 visits from technicians I finally got a supervisor visit this site and read this article and the related problem article – she sent a “CCV Hit” to my box – fixed the problem right up!

    I requested that she send an internal memo to EVERYONE else in the company so share the knowledge… she said she would (but I’m not holding my breath). If you have this problem, ask for a “CCV Hit” to your box and see if that helps!

  12. spynotebook says:

    I called my local Charter franchise (I am lucky enough to have a direct number after a visit) and left a message with the above information. We’ll see if this fixes it. It has been a problem since October 25 (the day I got the HD DVR).

  13. spynotebook says:


    I was not able to get my local franchise to send the CCV hit but I called the 1-800 number, explained what they needed to do and ZAP, I was watching BBC America.

    This is a big problem in Athens, GA right now from what I understand, so hopefully the word will get out how to fix it.

  14. HemiLess says:

    Well here goes. I plan on calling Charter this morning to resolve my problem.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I moved to an area where Charter Communictions is the ONLY cable modem available. I telecommute for my company and my phone and internet connection keeps me employed. I have now had 38 months of constant ‘outages’ with Charter; internet is down, internet is up, days on end of no support. They send out technicians who tell me everything is now fixed; a week later the signal is jumping in and out – I’ve tried to get to the corporate complaint department – everytime I ask for the #, they give me one that is ‘no longer a working #’. I could easily lose my job because of the down time yet no one at Charter seems to care. I’ve requested a detail analysis of my account so SOMEONE can see what is going on to no avail. Any advice, help is appreciated. I have no options – Charter is the ONLY internet cable available in this area, I would never have moved here had I only known.