News Team To Home Depot: Fix Your Customer's Problems

WBAL news in Balitmore did the usual investigation into Home Depot’s notoriously crappy contractors and were hit with a tsunami of similar complaints after the story aired.

One viewer was keeping her kitchen cabinets together with masking tape. Another had nails sticking out her new deck. Another family, the Kidd family, had a Home Depot deck that failed inspection 6 times. Dorothy Truman’s garage door opener was improperly installed and a Home Depot manager told her to stop calling them to complain about it.

Dorothy Truman said her garage door just stopped working months after she paid $1,200 to install it. She said that no one at the Parkville Home Depot store would handle her complaints.

“They came out and looked at it and said it’s something that happens over time. I said it’s only been six months,” she said.

Truman said that was two years ago. She’s had several repair companies look at the door, and all told her it wasn’t installed right. She said that Home Depot claimed it was a manufacturer’s defect. Finally, a store manager told her to stop calling.

WBAL decided to take the complaints they received to Home Depot’s headquarters. What are the odds that Home Depot would “take it seriously?”

Simms followed up with a visit. Scott Baxter, president of Home Depot’s Home Services, answered his questions inside an Atlanta Home Depot.

“Some of those who complained felt like they were ignored by Home Depot. What do you say to that?” Simms asked him.

“That’s not right. That shouldn’t happen,” Baxter responded.

Baxter claimed that all complaints are taken seriously.

“We did about 418,000 projects in the last three years in the Baltimore area. We’ve had a few complaints related to that number, but occasionally we do have problems and we do stand behind what we do,” he said.

WBAL says Home Depot did follow up with most of the complaints that they forwarded to them. Just goes to show: If you have a complaint with Home Depot you should hire an investigative news team.

I-Team Delivers Complaints To Home Depot Headquarters [Home Depot]
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