News Team To Home Depot: Fix Your Customer's Problems

WBAL news in Balitmore did the usual investigation into Home Depot’s notoriously crappy contractors and were hit with a tsunami of similar complaints after the story aired.

One viewer was keeping her kitchen cabinets together with masking tape. Another had nails sticking out her new deck. Another family, the Kidd family, had a Home Depot deck that failed inspection 6 times. Dorothy Truman’s garage door opener was improperly installed and a Home Depot manager told her to stop calling them to complain about it.

Dorothy Truman said her garage door just stopped working months after she paid $1,200 to install it. She said that no one at the Parkville Home Depot store would handle her complaints.

“They came out and looked at it and said it’s something that happens over time. I said it’s only been six months,” she said.

Truman said that was two years ago. She’s had several repair companies look at the door, and all told her it wasn’t installed right. She said that Home Depot claimed it was a manufacturer’s defect. Finally, a store manager told her to stop calling.

WBAL decided to take the complaints they received to Home Depot’s headquarters. What are the odds that Home Depot would “take it seriously?”

Simms followed up with a visit. Scott Baxter, president of Home Depot’s Home Services, answered his questions inside an Atlanta Home Depot.

“Some of those who complained felt like they were ignored by Home Depot. What do you say to that?” Simms asked him.

“That’s not right. That shouldn’t happen,” Baxter responded.

Baxter claimed that all complaints are taken seriously.

“We did about 418,000 projects in the last three years in the Baltimore area. We’ve had a few complaints related to that number, but occasionally we do have problems and we do stand behind what we do,” he said.

WBAL says Home Depot did follow up with most of the complaints that they forwarded to them. Just goes to show: If you have a complaint with Home Depot you should hire an investigative news team.

I-Team Delivers Complaints To Home Depot Headquarters [Home Depot]
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  1. rkmc12 says:

    Awwww, public relations cat.

  2. ucdcsteve says:

    I’d be more impressed if the news team followed up in six months to see if the problem frequency has decreased and what the new (if any) methods are for handling complaints.

    Death to lolcats.

  3. STrRedWolf says:

    I saw the news report that Monday night. They got alot of problems to take care of, but it’s good to hear that corporate is working.

  4. STrRedWolf says:

    @ucdcsteve: No! Not death! :)

  5. ucdcsteve says:

    @STrRedWolf: Ok, maybe just perpetual servitude?

  6. DrGirlfriend says:

    I like lolcats. Is this something to be embarassed about? I’m not sure.

  7. legotech says:


    aww, c’mon the poor cat is already a PR hack, what do you want?


  8. ucdcsteve says:

    I’ve gotten us off topic… apologies. I like dogs. What I’d REALLY love to see is an “appeals” or grievance process where you could submit officially tracked paperwork concerning a legitimate complaint about contract work. It seems simply calling the manager doesn’t lead to any solid record of your complaint. It’s times like these (and the real estate market currently) that I’m glad I rent.

  9. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @ucdcsteve: psst — loldogs

  10. ucdcsteve says:

    @CumaeanSibyl: I know, I know… my mock death to lolcats was in a small way an homage to loldogs, it was just mildly sadistic.

  11. NoWin says:

    Fridays good. I like Fridays. Lotsa funny comments. Make work-week hell easier to deal with.

  12. PhilR8 says:

    You guys should hire that guy for ConsumerisTV(tm)! Pretty good story. I’m actually surprised that Home Depot took the time not only to repair the faulty installations, but appear on camera as well. Maybe they really ARE trying to repair their image.

  13. realwx says:

    Too bad I don’t get WBAL-TV anymore… I’m stuck with NBC4 down in Washington. I’d love to hear even more about this…

  14. theblackdog says:

    @CumaeanSibyl: Don’t forget LOLRats

  15. Skiffer says:

    Home depot CSR lolcat:

  16. STrRedWolf says:

    Just one more day until CATURDAY!!! :D

  17. ucdcsteve says:


    lolSPLATs :)

  18. loueloui says:

    HAHA Home Depot sucks. I used to date one of the managers for their call center in Tampa. She used to fill me in on all of the stunts they would pull on customers.

    One of them was Ben Hill’s office. They had a guy with an extension and a voicemail and everything, only he didn’t really exist. They would forward customers to ‘Ben Hill’s office’ when someone was royally pissed off. That way this department could work on whatever, and some fake guy could take the heat.

  19. ogman says:

    Lowes isn’t any better. I had two windows in my home installed by a Lowes contractor and they don’t close right. I called about it and the contractor came out, forced the windows closed once and treated me like I was an idiot. Of course, I won’t ever hire a Lowes installer again.

    As for Home Depot, I gave up on them during Nardelli’s customer service purge.

  20. loueloui says:

    I think the main problem with Home Depot and Lowes is that they pay their contractors so little.

    The only people who are interested in working for them are either amateurs with little experience, ripoff artists who will cut corners to make more profit, or those that are desperate for work for whatever reason (bankrupt, drunk, poor business). None of these make for a motivated, experienced installer.

    I have a friend of mine who has his own successful plumbing company, and I asked him what he thought about taking jobs for them, and he replied it ‘was like working for Wal-Mart’ meaning they don’t pay enough to justify putting up with their BS.

  21. kubus_gt says:

    I’ll skip my HD horror story, it’s long and over a year old, so just the main points. I had windows and siding done by HD, the contractor hired subs, siding was done right, but windows where measured wrong and had all kinds of issues. After a 4 month back and forth with the installation office, I happen upon a investigative story by NBC station in LA. I live in PA but sent them my story anyway. 2 weeks later I had Atlanta Executive office contact me, I told them the story again with all the details (dates and names). Within a month I had the windows fixed and $1000 gift card. So yes they fix their stuff, but only when 3rd parties get involved. They are trying to fix the customer service part but it looks like it is still a huge problem.

  22. Elvisisdead says:

    @loueloui: Their “BS” means a 25% cut off the top. The contractor bids it, and HD takes a smooth 25% right off the top. It’s exactly the case that people sign up to get HD business because they can’t get it through other means.

    We recently had HD out to look at installing hardwoods in around 1K sq ft of our home. It’s slab on grade, and the measurement guy says, “there’s humps in the floor” and needs the installers to take a look. Another trip, and the response was, “we could level the floor, but we don’t want to do that part of the job. We’ll install the flooring after someone else does the leveling”. The HD home services rep actually told me to “just look in the phone book” to find someone to do the leveling before trying to pressure me into ordering the flooring. I hate them.