UPDATE: Circuit City Apologizes For Not Honoring Call Of Duty Advertisement

Adam writes us to say that Circuit City has apologized for not honoring their advertisement and have offered to compensate him with both games for free.

Dear Consumerist,

I just wanted to follow up and let you know that Circuit City was quick to contact me and resolve the issue. The associate I spoke to was very apologetic about my experience and offered to send me both games free of charge. Although I shouldn’t have had to go through so much in-store hassle to begin with, I was impressed to see how well Circuit City handled the situation.



The offer is not a misprint as Adam was told by (apparently) rogue Circuit City employees. Something fishy is going on at store # 3111, ya’ll.

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  1. howie_in_az says:

    First Centex homes and now Circuit City… there’s a lot of apologetic businesses lately…

  2. mexifelio says:

    What a hassle just to get something that caused you to go to the store and make the purchase in the first place.

    What they are really saying is “We’re sorry we got caught, it’s getting harder and harder to screw over our customers with sites like consumerst…”

  3. bravo369 says:

    I read about this story in a number of places so I think others are affected. I hope they are not just appeasing this ONE customer and are acknowledging that EVERY customer that bought the game can go back with a valid receipt and receive their free game too.

  4. dadelus says:


    Of course their apologetic this time of year. Too much bad publicity right now could hose their chance to get into the black this year. And CC is in no position to lose business to bad publicity.

  5. dadelus says:


    Grammar cop here

    they’re not their.

  6. ColdNorth says:

    Who says that blogs like The Consumerist aren’t effective?

    Huzzah to Popkin, Marco & Co. and the the entire EECB team! (You know who you are.)

  7. MiltyKiss says:

    I was actually turned away from the Circuit City near my house too. The manager said that word came down from corporate that it was a misprint. When I pointed out that a misprint that big would be impossible to miss, the guy said that they probably meant to put it in their Black Friday ad or something… *shrugs* I smell a cover up. :)

  8. CoolTri says:

    The CSR over there probably took it as a chance to get some copies of Call of Duty 3 to pass out for Christmas. He told everyone that it was an error and pocketed the free copy. Hope that store gets fired any which way.

  9. Akamaru says:


    Har har, we’ll see about that. The chairman of the FED was sweating bullets today as he stated the obvious; the economy sucks and isn’t going to get better in the next few months.

    Actually in a way you’re right. Since sales WILL be down, these stores can’t afford to screw people as hard as they have been trying. There are enough people already scaling back their holiday shopping this year, a few angry customers will only make it worse.

    Whatever happened to “false advertisement” and “bait and switch”. Both seem like they apply to this situation.

  10. SaraAB87 says:

    I am glad to see customers standing up for themselves when a chain was clearly trying to screw over consumers, thankfully this time it worked in the customers favor and gave a lot of bad publicity to CC, and bad publicity this time of year is very bad indeed considering retail stores are trying to draw as many customers as humanly possible.

  11. themanishere says:

    I hope he also got the ‘free’ poster…

  12. Trick says:

    People wouldn’t have problems if they didn’t shop at Circuit City. There is a reason why more and more stores are closing and the service continues to suck worse day by day.

    People are shopping elsewhere.

    You get you deserve when you go to places like Best Buy and Circuit City.

  13. darkclawsofchaos says:

    It is false advertising, not bait and switch as no switch occured

  14. rochec says:

    Hmm I was told the same thing by that shitty store. I wonder what I can do now that I purchased the game elsewhere…

    Such a sleazy thing to do.

  15. Atomike says:

    Rochec – Why not picket the store for a few hours this Saturday and see what happens? You have free speech, no?

  16. magilacudy says:

    The CC by me ran out of CoD4 but had one more copy of CoD3. They refused to give me a rain check for CoD4, even though I was willing to pay up front to get the “free” game. Best Buy across the street was happy to take my money.

  17. Sndtrkman says:

    That store (#3111) is right by my area and this story does not surprise me. They are notorious for doing crap like this and it makes me glad that I don’t shop there. Besides, Circuit City isn’t all that great and now I can see why no one wants to shop at that particular store anymore.

  18. jamar0303 says:

    @Trick: Actually, I find Best Buy to have excellent service. Then again, when I interned there, the American customers (I interned in the Shanghai, China store- just opened last year) all said that this was so unlike a normal Best Buy in their eyes. Oh well- at least they’re doing things right internationally (which is actually pretty hard when you’re competing against local chain stores with 39-day “no questions asked” return policies and the ability to negotiate pricing on everything, even iPods- the Chinese way of business works best when you’re a skilled negotiator).

  19. dix99 says:

    I’m so happy I don’t give em my money any more. They seem to have forgotten that we have other places to shop, that’ll treat you better & won’t rip you off. Glad they got caught again, but you know they’ll do it again.

  20. ZonzoMaster says:

    My mom went to McAllen, TX. On… Wednesday.

    They told her they were out of Call of Duty 3 copies and were just offering Call of Duty 4 alone, I wonder if it wasn’t just a shitty excuse from the staff.

    I would be playing like nuts on my xbox360 right now, dammit!!!

  21. deadmandancing says:

    Real Southerners know that it’s “Y’all,” not “Ya’ll.”

  22. chrispc24 says:

    CompUSA had this same deal, but without a poster. They honored it for a customer when I was there this week.