Some Free Laptop Sites Are Apparently Not Total Scams

Most of those “fill out these forms and get a free laptop” sites are scams. For one thing, there’s never any “free.” Assuming you wade through all the pages of buttons and entry fields, you’ll invariably find that you have to sign up for some credit cards and charge a certain balance and have the card active for a few months before you get your free stuff. They may also make you sign up other people do the same thing. This guy got a new MacBook pro and it cost him $400. Josh Clark routinely sets up “conga lines” of people working together to get their swag.

Personally, we have better things to do with our lives then try to keep track of reams of asterisks and fine print and set up spreadsheets to make sure we’re navigating everything properly, but others may have a different definitions of “cost effective” and “fun.” We also have a hole in our brain that makes it impossible for us to pay $400 for something that’s “free.”

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