Qwest Wants You To Know Macs Work On It

Even though some Qwest employees told our reader that Qwest wireless wouldn’t work for her because “Macs are practically an obsolete system,” Jon Lentz, Qwest director of network operations, wrote to inform us that Qwest, does, in fact, support the use Macs on its network:

“Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I work at Qwest, and I am Mac user with Qwest Broadband. I want to clarify that Qwest Broadband absolutely works with Macs. I apologize for the poor experience Ms. Case had with our technical support – it runs counter to our goal to provide outstanding customer service. We have Mac specialists in our technical support centers, and there is an online resource available for Mac users with Qwest Broadband at: http://www.qwest.com/internethelp/opsystems/mac/index.html#osten

Thanks! Maybe that link should be shared with the grunt level customer and tech support staff. They didn’t seem to be able to find it the nine different times our reader Lindsey called.

(Photo: Noël Lee)