MLB Rips Off Everyone Who Bought Games Under Their "Old" DRM

Major League Baseball, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to deactivate its system for “authenticating” downloads, and they apparently expect people to repurchase the games in a new format. What?

From boingboing:

Allan Wood (a baseball megafan who has written a book about Babe Ruth) purchased over $280 worth of digital downloads of baseball games from Major League Baseball, who have just turned off their DRM server, leaving him with no way to watch his videos. MLB’s position is that since these videos were “one time sales,” and that means that Wood and everyone else who gave money to MLB is out of luck — they’ll never be able to watch their videos again,.

MLB shut down the DRM server because they’ve changed suppliers, and now they expect suckers to buy downloads of games in the new DRM format. Anyone who does this needs their head examined — using DRM itself is contemptible enough, but using DRM this way is just plain criminal.

MLB is telling customers it cheated that the downloads were “one-time sales” and that there are “no refunds.”

MLB rips off fans who bought DRM videos [boingboing]

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