Fake Med Promoted Via Fraudulent Government Health & Drug Watchdog Site

The Chinese government has discovered a fake diabetes medicine on a fake research institute website, which then links to a fake version of the official government health and drug watchdog agency’s site. If you’re paying attention to urls, it’s hard to not notice that something’s wrong—but we’re sure there’s more than enough people who don’t notice that little detail.

The article isn’t clear on whether or not the drug is entirely imaginary, or whether it’s actually being sold as a treatment for diabetes. But either way, it’s an over-the-top scam—and, what with the executions and all, we think a dangerous one to pull in China. It even managed to get a Chinese official to speak in English idioms, according to the article’s quote:

“This site is definitely not for real,” an official at the regulator was quoted as saying. “These lawbreakers have got some balls!”

“Fraudsters fake Web site of drug watchdog” [Reuters]

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Fake Site