Drug Reps Descend On Doctors Like A Plague Of Pen And Coffee Mug Bearing Locusts

Tomorrow, CNBC will be airing a story on the program Business Nation about the swarms of drug reps who buzz around your doctor’s office trying to convince her to give you Lipitor or Requip or whatever.

Understanding that your doctor is under tremendous pressure to prescribe newer, costlier drugs will help you make an informed decision about what drugs are “right for you,” as the TV ads say. It might actually be the newest, costliest drug, but if you talk with your doctor about other, cheaper options, you might find that there’s another drug that will work just as well. Or not. In any case, it’s best to know your options and be able to ask informed questions about your health.

You can learn about some cheaper, often equally effective older drugs by visiting Consumer Reports’ Best Buy Drugs website.

Remember, drug companies don’t advertise drugs because they’re the best ones they have. They advertise them because they’re still holding the patent. CNBC’s program will air Nov. 7th at 9pm and 12am E.