Blockbuster Chides You For Losing The Movies In Your Queue

I have been a long time reader of consumerist, and hoped I would never have to send in anything to you guys. Leave it to Blockbuster to force me to do this.

I have been using Blockbuster Online for almost a year now. It has been ups and downs. I have been shipped the wrong movie countless times, but just took the pain of not being able to watch my movie and sent it back. I have received enough “wrong” movies to deserve a few months of free service, but I don’t even complain I just figure “Nature of the Business”.

Now to my issue…. I had rented the classic “Apocalypse Now” and watched Disc One (which by the way Blockbuster online doesn’t tell you it is 2 discs on some of the choices so it is hit or miss.). So I went to my queue to put disc 2 on the list so I can enjoy the end of the movie. To my dismay, I log in to my account to find my queue EMPTY. I had 20-30 movies in the queue…. all gone!

So I email Blockbuster asking what happened to my movies? and can they do anything to recover the list! This is when the Mania ensues…. The respondent from Blockbuster was rude at best. Won’t acknowledge I even have a problem. Basically accuses me of erasing all of my movies (why would someone do that?) or that I gave my password to someone else and they did it. The most scathing part is that in her first response she in so many words “scolds” me for having an empty queue! I am also a big fan of the “Always here to help” signature on the end of the emails….

It is a ridiculous response, and considering their situation they should be doing jumping jacks to keep customers. Instead they respond with nonsense. They sent me two “surveys” after each response which I filled out “Extremely Dissatisfied” on every question.

Here is a copy of the Emails for your reading enjoyment. Hopefully people reading this will choose to not use Blockbuster, or even better someone from Blockbuster will read this and go to the customer service office and rattle some cages of their customer service agents.

My first email:
“All the movies I had in my queue are gone? What happened can I get the list back?”

Blockbusters Response:
“Hello Martin,

Thanks for contacting BLOCKBUSTER Online Customer Care.

I’ve checked that your queue is empty. Unfortunately, we would not be able to recover the list of movies that you have. You may just try to add movies again. Please remember that we use your queue to provide service and ask that you keep 30-40 “Available” movies listed at all times to ensure there are no interruptions.

Always here to help,

Customer Care Associate

My Response:


That isn’t a good answer.

1. What happened to everything I had in there? Where did they go?
2. I don’t like the attitude of your response. You basically scolded me for not having 30-40 movies available. I DID have movies in there, the complete list is GONE.
3. If you can’t recover my list, I want SEVERAL months credit to my account. There was months of picking movies in there. I will never be able to remember all the movies my Wife and I put in there.

Please provide a better response. Your response was sub-par at best.

Blockbuster 2nd Response:

“Hello Marty,

Please note that your queue can only be accessed with your own personal password. We don’t have the ability to modify or manage titles to your queue. You are also solely responsible for all activities that occur on your account or through use of your password by yourself or by other persons. Please make sure that your password is secured so no one can add or delete a movie in your queue without your knowledge. Thanks for your understanding.

Always here to help,

Customer Care Associate

My 3rd Response:


Can you please give this to a manager? You are not even answering my questions!

I did NOT delete anything from my queue, and I am the ONLY person with the password. Why would I delete my movies that a spent months putting the list together.

Please give this to someone who can give me a real answer. Otherwise I will have to cancel and go to Netflix. This is ridiculous that you aren’t taking me seriously. I didn’t delete anything and now after 2 communications from you… I still have not even gotten as little as and APOLOGY.


Marty, why are you complaining to Consumerist when it’s obvious that you deleted the movies in the queue yourself. Oh wait, no. It’s not actually that obvious.

Our advice? Netflix? The local library?