Amazon Pulls Fisher-Price Medical Kit After CR Lead Report

Mike Antonucci from the Mercury News tells us that has pulled the lead-tainted Fisher-Price Medical Kit from its website after fielding questions about a Consumer Reports investigation that found “troubling” levels of lead in the blood pressure cuff.

Mattel maintains that the cuff is within current standards for lead and does not need to be recalled.

A spokeswoman for Mattel, Fisher-Price’s parent company, cited a statement on the company’s Web site which in part reads: “The toy referenced in the Consumer Reports article meets the requirements set forth in the federal regulations and international consumer product safety standards, including the existing standards for lead content. Consumer Reports has applied its own standards and opinions concerning the product.”

Patty Smith, Amazon’s director of corporate communications, said the retailer decided to temporarily suspend sales of the medical kit after researching the issue.

“We decided it was the right thing to do for consumers at this point,” she said.

Amazon pulls Fisher-Price Medical Kit toy
[Mercury News]

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  1. gorckat says:

    Vigilante recalls, live at 11!

  2. homerjay says:

    Hope this kit comes with a supply of Chemet.


  3. Ausoleil says:

    Now what will the kids use to play doctor? Oh, the HORROR!

  4. synergy says:

    I don’t have or know any kids, but seriously. All these entries at Consumerist, I’m thinking it’s time to start whitting or sewing your own toys!

  5. cde says:

    Did the fisher price Med-Kit come with a lead finder test? Cause that would be the ultimate irony.

  6. superbureaucrat says:

    Coming soon: The Fisher-Price Lead Paint Recall Playset!*

    *Factory inspector not included*

    3 Months later: The Fisher-Price Lead Paint Recall Playset has been recalled due to unsafe levels of lead paint.

  7. superbureaucrat says:

    news reporters found a disturbing level of lead in the blood pressure and “an extremely high blood pressure in mr. frog”

  8. BigNutty says:

    Amazon covering their butts. Why not? They don’t want or need to fall into this lead crap.

  9. tph says:

    @synergy: Craftzine has a pretty awesome lineup of toys that you can make yourself.


  10. DrGirlfriend says:

    How about we pull alltoys from the shelves and start over?