Credit Card Piggybacking Still Raises FICO Scores

You can still raise your credit score by getting added as an “authorized user” on the credit card account of someone with better credit. Industry plans close the loophole starting this September are still yet to be implemented. The change was to be part of the update to “FICO ’08,” a revised version of the credit scoring system sold by the Fair Issac Corporation and in use at the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. So-called credit piggybacking is used by parents to help their kids get on the fast-track to better credit ratings. It has also used by fraudsters to qualify for mortgages they wouldn’t otherwise get – a contributing factor to the delinquencies in the subprime meltdown.

Reprieve for the ‘Piggybackers’: Still No Credit-Score Crackdown [Washington Post]
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(Photo: Schnittke)