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ComcastMustDie, a blog about how much Comcast sucks, is looking for someone to make a theme song for an upcoming podcast. They want it to be 90 seconds or less, contain instrumentals, vocals and it would be nice if they contained these suggested lyrics:

“Please why oh why? Comcast Must Die!”
“And I just sigh ‘Comcast Must Die.”
“‘Cause they just lie, Comcast Must Die.”
“‘Goddamn!’ cussed I. ‘Comcast Must Die!'”

Submissions can be sent to

Theme Song Needed [Comcast Must Die]


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  1. PinkBox says:

    Ew, those are awful lyrics.

  2. pda_tech_guy says:

    I will get right on that. Do I get any money?

  3. Starfury says:

    Instead of a song I’ve done something to actually help. I’ve dumped Comcast as my ISP and TV service.

  4. RDAC says:

    Can’t get “I Hope You Die” by the Bloodhound Gang out of my mind now. Thanks.

    If you could get past the licensing, would be the ultimate theme song.

  5. BrianH says:

    Anyone else here listen to Ministry? The song “Thieves” comes to mind (“Thieves….liars….thieves….liars…”)

  6. RST1123 says:

    You should definitely look into the guy that did Portal’s ending song.

  7. Scuba Steve says:

    I can really get behind this website. Which is weird, because my father works high up in Comcast. He gets free everything from them. Even so, they still suck, quality-wise, service-wise, and price-wise.

  8. AT203 says:

    It should be a parody to the tune of Hammer Time, by MC Hammer.

    Hell, he isn’t working, maybe he could do it himself ;P

    Just kidding, please hammer don’t hurt ‘me

  9. Wow, how edgy they must think they are to blaspheme God.

  10. crankymediaguy says:

    “Wow, how edgy they must think they are to blaspheme God.”

    Yeah, God must be really pissed at them. That is, if God existed, which He doesn’t.

    Don’t you have an abortion clinic to bomb or something?

  11. hexychick says:

    @THEDREAMINGTREE: Seriously? Are you sure you should be on this website making comments?

  12. dlab says:


    Johnathan Coulton?

    Dude, if he submits something, nobody else has a shot. I’m going to try though…

  13. wesrubix says:

    Jonathan Coulton would be perfect, especially since he wrote this song: (though did not sing it):


    Anyone who’s played portal understands why this song came to mind for a ComcastMustDie song.

  14. ShawnStruck says:

    I did submit an entry– it was actually a joint effort between nerdcore artist antisoc (beats) and myself (lyrics, vocals). It’s up on my artist myspace if you’re interested:

  15. Transylvanian says:

    Just use Cher’s song: “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves”
    (not to mention murderers)

  16. JunePaddum says:

    What happened to the website ComcastMustDie? When I paged to it, the only page declared victory:

    “In the next few days, inquiries to ComcastMustDie will be redirected to the newly created, where other infamously arrogant corporations will be subjected to power of aggregated rage. (No worries. Comcast will still be one of them). We hope they, like Comcast, we see this not merely as a threat, but as an opportunity to connect with and regain the confidence — even loyalty — of its customers. “

    When you link to the new website –, it turns out to be one of those junk sites that links to various questionable offers like Work at Home scams, and other highly dubious offers (“Enter Your Zipcode to get a free $1000 gas card!!”) and yes, Comcast commercial solicits.

    So yeah, there was a definite victory won. By Comcast.