LoJack Foils Customer's Car Theft Scam

If you’re going to report your vehicle has been stolen and then hide it in a friend’s backyard with license plates you grabbed from your boyfriend’s house, then make sure it doesn’t have a LoJack system installed first. A woman in San Diego did just that in an attempt to prevent it from being repossessed, but as soon as she filed the report with the police, they activated the system and traced the vehicle.

The woman “was arrested on suspicion of filing a false vehicle theft report with intent to deceive and falsely reporting a crime to a peace officer.” No word yet on whether she’ll be charged for insurance fraud, although we would imagine that would be part of the whole “we found your unstolen car” package.

“LoJack undoes scheme to fake SUV theft” [Sign On San Diego] (thanks to Stacy!)
(Image: LoJack)

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