Chase Changes Due Date Without Warning, Changes APR From 3.9% To 29.99%

Dan writes: “I was scammed big by JP Morgan Chase Credit Cards. They apparently have “floating due dates” that we had not encountered in our 10+ years as customers but somehow February of 2007 was the magic month. They moved our due date up by 3 days, our payment was two days late. They raised our interest rate from 3.99% to 29.99%…Amazingly enough, on our March bill the due date is exactly the same as January. They claim they sent us a notification letter, but I never received one. I spoke to the worst customer service person ever, Dennis Broyles, who claimed that no one in the company had the power to change my interest rate back and that he had no supervisor I could speak with. It was outrageous.”

Wow, one day late and it automatically shoots up to the default rate? That’s malarkey! Maybe Dan could call back and say, “I never received a letter about the due date change, therefore there was not sufficient notification, and I deserve to have my APR rate lowered back to what it was before and the interest overage refunded from my bill. We told another reader something similar a few days ago and he was able to get his due date moved back and late fees refunded.

Dan sent this letter in March. When we recontacted him, he said that after trying to navigate the maze of Chase customer service, he just paid the card off in full and shredded it. He also said that after researching similar complaints online, it seems to happen to a lot of people who have low interest rates and pay their credit card automatically i.e. people Chase makes the least profit from. “Ironically,” writes Dan, “they keep sending me new offers.”

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