You look very scary this morning. Here is a candy post for you.

Wired has a user-submitted list of the top gross-out candies now available for sale wherever gross-out candies are sold. Readers can submit candies and vote the least appealing ones to the top of the list. Our favorite seems to be everyone else’s favorite, too: the bandages with edible candy scabs—although the slimy gummi octopus candy also looks pretty revolting.

If you need advice on what candy will most impress the kids, Courant has created a chart that ranks traditional Halloween handouts according to New York Mag’s “approval matrix”—high- and lowbrow, brilliant and despicable. (Don’t even think of giving out candy corn or single-serve Lifesaver mints.)

The News-Gazette in Illinois has a sort of catch-all article about candy (hey, that sounds familiar!) that includes some advice on where to find vegan and organic—and how to trade in post-Halloween candy wrappers for a free YoCrunch yogurt:

To transition kids out of candy cravings after the holiday, YoCrunch is encouraging parents to send in candy wrappers to get a coupon good for any YoCrunch product.

The wrappers – one submission per household – should be sent by Nov. 14 to: Janet Kim, YoCrunch, 9507 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 300, Beverly Hills CA 90210.

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