Google’s motion to dismiss a copyright infringement lawsuit brought by American Airlines has been rejected. American Airlines claims competitor’s advertising is being “triggered” by their trademarked search terms, such as “AAdvantage.” [ComputerWorld]


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  1. RumorsDaily says:

    Without having seen the actual motion, I can’t be sure, but this really should be a TRADEMARK, not COPYRIGHT, case. It’s not Consumerist’s fault, the ComputerWorld article vacillates between the two words and makes the actual topic of the lawsuit unclear.

    American Airlines has no copyright in the words “American Airlines” but they do have a trademark in them. Presuming its a standard “when people search for AA, they find Delta ads” lawsuit, then it’s a trademark, not copyright, lawsuit.

    They should lose, though. It’s just like going to the supermarket and finding a generic item located next to a brand name one. You searched for one item (in the store) and you found information about another, related product. That’s ok… we like giving consumers options in this country.