Chase Changes Due Date Without Warning, Charges Late Fees

David went online last night to pay his Chase VISA bill and was shocked to see a late fee. For 18 months, the bill has been due on the 31st. This month, Chase arbitrarily decided to change it to the 26th.

David has paperless billing and says he received no notice from Chase. When he called to ask for a fee waiver, Chase said no, we told you about the change in a letter in the mail.

When David said he had paperless billing, Chase said, well then we sent you an email so we don’t have to waive your fee.

Frustrated, David hung up and contacted The Consumerist.

We counseled him to call back, go through the whole dance again, but this time, state that he never received such an email and therefore it “does not constitute sufficient notification.” The rep put him on hold. When she came back, she waived the late fee AND changed the billing due date back to the 31st. A small, but satisfying consumer victory.

(Photo: meghannmarco)

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