This Free Coffee Is Surprisingly Expensive

[Minneapolis, MN, October 25. Image thanks to Peter!]

Dunce Dunn Bros Coffee is celebrating their newest location at the University of Minnesota by offering a coupon for a free medium coffee. For the price of a small.

What? No, it’s either free, or it’s the price of a small. Not difficult. Patrons attempting to redeem the offer need to bring in the coupon, and possibly a dictionary.


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  1. SOhp101 says:

    ‘Free Upgrade’ makes a lot more sense. Moving on…

  2. unsunder says:

    It’s located in an educational building?

  3. cryrevolution says:


  4. QueenHawkeye says:

    So, is this like a buy one get one free?

  5. nycdor says:

    Awww – oops. Somebody wasn’t thinking!

    But, I grew up in the Twin Cities and can attest to the high quality food/drinks at Dunn Brothers! Don’t hold this dumb ad against them. They’re great.

  6. ExVee says:

    @SOhp101: Actually, yeah. That makes the most sense as presented, instead of having to ignore one word or the other.

  7. azntg says:

    @QueenHawkeye: More like a “buy one, get one” thing…

  8. drhmai says:

    In the Education Sciences building yet. I guess the lower level is appropriate.

  9. swunder says:

    They just opened one here in San Antonio and very close by to my house. It’s way better than Starbucks (which we have 5 of in a 2 mile radius).

    We didn’t get no stinkin’ coupons, though.

  10. EtherealStrife says:

    Wait so smalls are usually free? Man I gotta hit this place up!

  11. This seems a logical extension of the paradox of “Buy One Get One Free”.

  12. TMurphy says:

    Maybe you get to choose whether you want it free or for the price of a small.

  13. erratapage says:

    It’s a private franchise, located on campus. You gotta give the college kids a deal, ya know? I’m gonna cut the Mom and Pop operation a break here. College kids need to learn how to be critical consumer somehow… and some of my best memories of being a college kid was exposing myself to the haphazard marketing of small, independent university-oriented businesses.

  14. Dubnacious says:

    You think Coffee grows on trees?

  15. royal72 says:

    to the writer of the ad/coupon, i guess those marketing classes aren’t paying off after all.

  16. hapless says:


    Goes without saying. Why else would he be running a coffee shop? :)

  17. chartrule says:

    seems kinda deceptive

  18. peokuk says:

    The Dunn on campus isn’t run by Dunn brothers, its run by UDS/Aramark. Just like the Starbucks or Chick-fil-A in Coffman Student Union or anything here:


  19. shertzerj says:

    @Jonathan Harford:
    Maybe I’m just dense today (it is Monday after all), but why is it a paradox, exactly? I know it’s a more marketable way of saying “50% off two,” but it doesn’t seem overly paradoxical to me.