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The Mom With $135,000 In Credit Card Debt Who Spends $400 A Month On Starbucks
“”I love new clothes. However, I like getting rid of the clothes just as quickly to go buy new ones.”

Is This Fashion Ad Promoting Gang Rape?
“The folks at NOW Foundation have it at the top of their list of offensive ads, describing it as “a scene evoking a gang rape and reeking of violence against women.”

5 Expenses You Can’t Afford If You Have Credit Card Debt
“I am what I drive! I love this car! This car is who I am!”

Taco Bell To Give Away Free Tacos If A Base Is Stolen In The World Series
“The promotion is called “Steal a base, steal a taco,” though Reuters assures us: “Despite the promotion’s name, stealing the taco will not be required.””

Walgreens Substituted Chemo Drug For Prenatal Vitamins
“A woman who suffered a miscarriage after taking chemo drugs that were supposed to be prenatal vitamins is suing Walgreens.”